world financial bank credit card / Harrassment

1 East Greenwich, RI, United States

I was a very good customer of Victoria Secret. I own a big bridal shop in Rhode Island and sent hundreds of girls to buy their under garments at Victoria Secret. I purchased $22 worth of underwear last Xmas. I paid a few weeks late because I lost the bill. I have been harassed by the World Financial Bank for compounding interest for almost an entire year where they would not agree to close my account or make any deal with me. They call my home after hours, they call my cell phone they are obnoxious to deal with and they wrecked my credit. I stopped buying from Victoria Secret and recommending the bras to customers. I sent a partial payment in last week and will pay the entire amount in 3 months but I warn any one out there to never ever get the credit card and to do not purchase anything for Xmas or ever from Victorias Secret this company is the worst!

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