work from home kitunauthorized charges to credit card

this company The direct commerce academy DCA is a scam. you go to this web site and when you are there it tells you to buy this kit for $2.97, but when you try you can not get through, then the next day they call you verified every thing about the web site and then they repeat all your info from the site and then you start to get the kit and you think that you are only paying for the kit and they make unauthorized charges not once but 3times and when you call they act like they didn't talk to you and that you call the wrong number and they still charge your card without permission. And another company call streamline benefits that work with DCA they too are charging my card and not the amount you agreed to and charging my card many times. know I have a block on my card and have to change my card completely because they have my card info a scam and I HAVE NOT GOTTEN ANY KIT!

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