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I play the online scrabble game 'Words with Friends' made by Zenga Games. On a daily basis, their advertising (which pops up after each players turn) is locking up the game making it unplayable from anywhere to a few hours up to 9 days. On the advertising, there is supposed to be an 'X' to close each ad. The ad for PS4's The Order Game along with other ad's that pop up on the game do not have the 'X' to close it, thus locking up the game. I'm not the first or the only person to bring this flaw to Zengas attention yet nothing is being done to solve this problem. I'm guessing that before I download and/or pay for any more/other online games we (the consumers) are supposed to research the quality of and complaints about these games and game manufacturers. Please, help us (the consumers/attempted game players)! Thank you.

Feb 19, 2015
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      Aug 15, 2018
    Words with Friends - Ticket numbers instead of of people
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    People need to be removed if they do not for more than 11 days. Some people play to win in any form possible if you are winning they hope you will resign. My smart match is locked into search mode. I have made several attempts to have these problems fixed to no avail.

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