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I just had a terriable day with woolworth both online and in store. I placed an
online order yesterday ( 29/Feb) order number [protected], items included 1 tin
baby formular and 36 binky bites. I received my delivery order at 6:45 pm today, and 20 of binky bites were changed to some biscuits I never seen before! I did not get any phone call telling me, and they just made the decision for me by providing me unuseful products! only one e mail was sent to my inbox saying 1.9 dollar refund rather than explaining exchanged items. then I called woolworth online, after waiting 11 mins the guy on the phone just simply hang me off the lineļ¼I had to drive to the nearest woolworth where located at underwood shopping centre. A young lady agreed giving me
refund of 20 items I did not order, but another senior lady( 55-65 years old blonde with glasses) came and took over and gave me 66 dollars refund which should be 71.8 dollars! I explained to her I got the sample ( binky bite from my home) and the sample I already paid! The old lady went mad and threw every single items (20 wrong delivery items) in front of everybody and telling me she had gave me all the refund I should get! the point was she made a mistake because she thought the sample was I took from their store, but it was from one of my correct items at home. I was trying to explain the misunderstanding issue to her, but she refused to listen and just walked away! The store manager just came over one time and spoke that old lady without even say anything to me, which was creepy! finally the young lady came back with a young guy, they listen to me carefully the whole story and gave me a refund of 3.59 dollars. I never want to take any advantage from anybody, just want to be fair! I was so disappointed with woolworth online service and the old lady and store manager at woolworth underwood! lucky the young lady and boy were helpful to me for I was not thought be a stupid greedy ugly guy! I got a terriable feeling and I will tell every single person I know about this! And I may never back to woolworth (I used to love)

Mar 01, 2016

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