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Woodys Electric / Worst experience ever

1 United States

Wow. That was the worse experience ever. After picking someone with so many good reviews, I'm still in shock by that experience. He came out for a bid after we spoke to him on the phone (we like the prices he quoted) and we discovered while he was out that we need to get more fixtures in order to complete the job. So we told him we'll wait til next week to start the project. The guy seemed angry we decided to wait and told us we need to pay him for gas to come out (For a bid?) It wasn't a big amount he was asking for so it wasn't a big deal. He insisted on doing part of the work that day BUT at a higher cost because it was harder than he thought (which is fine, I understand the job was more difficult than all of us thought) Throughout the whole experience, he wasn't professional. Saying things like "Oh, will you wouldn't understand anyways" (You're right, I don't understand lighting, which is why you were invited out to tell us what we should do) He actually said "*** you" on the way out. (I'm not kidding... these are the horror stories you hear about contractors but never imagine that they actually happen) I've never experienced a contractor saying that to me and I'm still in shock to have been spoken to that way. I understand that it's frustrating to go out for a job that cannot start that day, but it is so unprofessional to curse at your clients. Understand that when the price you quote and the real price is different, sometimes a client needs to think about it for a day. And I have absolutely no problem paying you for gas to come out if you had mentioned that ahead of time. I'm disappointed by this experience. This could have been handle so differently. And it is never okay to speak to clients that way.

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