Woodsprings Suitesno hot water

Cn Nov 30, 2018 Fort Worth, TX

I have been here for over 7 months and pay every week on time of $350. So why when i come home from a long nights of work i cant never have hot water when i want to shower. Even during the day. This building is a piece of crap and these rates should not be this high. When you are late, they are knocking on the door for payment but cant keep hot water or even give us extended residents a discount. And this is not just my room, this is the whole building. The longest we've been without hot water a few weeks ago was 4 days. This is a reoccurring thing that goes on as well as the pot and crack smoking that goes on in the building that u can smell getting off the elevator. My sink and toilet leaks and no one has came to repair it yet.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Fort Worth, TX Mold and mildew are breathe in from it. I pay $1400 a month to stay in this dump. This is obviously the only hotel i can afford with my kids and i cant even get a decent shower or room let alone buy clothes and shoes for my little ones because this crap joint takes literally my whole check. The rates in my opinion and in about 12 other guest have the same opinion. Rates do not match for the quality that is being paid for at all. Send a corporate manager for a week to stay here and see what goes on when they are not present. Supposed to be a non smoking hotel...yeah right. Staff does not care! My kid should not know what drugs smell like getting off the elevator coming home from school. Please something needs to be done or rates should be lowered.

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