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Woodbend Apartments / Scam

1 United States

My apt kitchen caught fire 11-24-06, and the found it to be grease fire. The problem is that the stove was not a new stove when I moved in and they did not investigate properly, management did not have a technician look at the stove. I believe it was electrical problems within the stove. Yes there was grease on the stove because my brother was about to fry chicken so he put grease in the skillet and when he turned the stove on it blow up in flames. My mom felt under the eye on the stove that blow up with a towel when they were cleaning and there was no grease residue at all inside the stove. Neighbors told me that my apt has caught fire twice before with other residents and it happen because of the stove. She said that she believe that the stove that was in my apt was the same stove before because she seen the stove the last residents had when it caught fire. I am pregnant and I have a child. It took them a week to even get started on fixing my apartment, which meant I had to cook food for my child and me at my family house . The reason why it took so long is because management was out sick and I guess there is no chain of authority, there was no one next in line as assistant manager. I believe they are trying to get over on me. Another tenant told be she had water damage before from the people upstairs and the same management did not want to fix it, they wanted her to but she said it wasn't her fault so management had to fix it and that her apartment has started to mildew and management just cover the mildew up with paint but she was smarted then that so she went to pill off little pieces of the paint to make sure new sheetrock was put in and she found all the mildew. She said she called management back and management got mad and said under her breath, "you think you are so smart". I told you this because I feel its discrimination. Management is trying to get over on me because I am young. They want me to pay to fix this when they should have put new appliance in my apartment when I moved in. And, they took down some cabinets that wasn't damaged and want my to pay for it. I feel if it wasn't damaged they shouldn't have touched it and if they just wanted new cabinets they should have done it when my lease was up, after I moved out!


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