Wood City NorthCheats- Did Not Receive Firewood that I Paid For.

Wood City North provides kiln-dried wood at a premium price. Since we just moved to Sudbury, we decided to buy dry firewood from them at $135/cord. We placed the order, and picked it up a few weeks later. The wood was brought out in crates, and therefore we could not tell how much wood there was when we picked it up. We stacked the wood at home that same evening, and it measured out to 3 cords rather than the 4 cords we paid for. We called and left a message the next morning, and mentioned that we were heading out the country but would stop in to see to get the rest of the wood when we returned.
When we saw the owner about 4 weeks later, he confirmed that he received the message and thought he'd never see us again. He said that we weren't getting anymore firewood, and that if we wanted anymore firewood, it would cost us even more now. He was rude and not willing to do the right thing.
I paid in cash, but got a receipt from them which clearly states I purchased and paid for 4 cords. The receipt does not mean anything to the business.
Never buy from these people! They rob you of your money and kick you while they got you down.

Dec 14, 2014

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