Wolfies sports bar & grill The Woodlands / unprofessional

1 Woodlands, United States

I ate at wolfies with a co worker we ordered Some food at drinks the waitress was very nice but it took almost 35 minutes EVERY TIME WE ORDERED more drinks!!! Not food, drinks!! Then we decided to go to the bar and order drinks/play some games when there was a nice group of people in there having a good time and all of a sudden two big guys come around the corner and start picking a fight with the group(That had kids) which was not my issue ..the issue was when a WOLFIES EMPLOYEE Comes around the corner and starts unbuttoning his Shirt and starts TRYING TO FIGHT the people with their kids just trying to leave!! I could not believe what I was seeing. The employee was seriously trying to fight these guys instead of trying to calm the situation! and seeing that he was wearing a button up grey shirt I'm assuming he was not just a waiter unprofessional!

Mar 17, 2014

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