Wolfcom / Beware the Asian She Wolf "CEO "

Guess I should've read their nasty reviews first prior to applying for a sales position. Would've saved me a whole lot of hassle and makes perfect sense why my experience in the interview process reflects how customers are treated. Was contacted by "CEO" who seems pretty nice over the phone but soon uncovered that to be false the next morning at 10 am for my in person interview. During the initial phone interview, she did have a bunch of concerning questions and seemed very skeptical regarding my resume. Briefly described what they do and asked if I was still interested. I replied of course and was invited for an… interview the following day. She says she'll give me an email containing their exact address which I never got. Called the following day for it prior to heading out but nobody answered so I checked it up online. Got there perfectly on time but encountered a Hispanic gentleman in the back lot who was the parking attendant. Informed him of my visit but there was a heavy language barrier. I can partially make out what he said and nothing made any sense. He told me Wolfcom camera was closed and they had already moved. Changed number and address so nobody home. I stated the address online pointed here and I wasn't notified of any changes by my contact. Relating my situation to the lot attendant who barely spoke English along with his claims that address had changed took too much of my time. I asked if I can briefly park here and check the establishment for myself. You would need his permission to park because Los Angeles is notorious for their strict parking enforcement. No interview is worth getting your car towed or a massive citation. Certainly not this interview and here's why. Hispanic gentleman agreed so I found a spot and made my way to the front entrance. Door was locked as he said but upon closer inspection, there were many employees inside. A young assistant kindly greeted me but said I was late so the interview has been canceled. Looked at the time and it was 10:01 so by a single minute. I asked if CEO was interested to reschedule where she replied they will contact me in future if they are. Wow. Got precisely what I needed though right at the door. And that is they are the wrong folks to be applying for. A. SINGLE. MINUTE. Really? I guess I found out the hard way why the name Wolf is in the title of the business. She Wolf seems more appropriate. Never snub an applicant over a mere minute because it takes another minute for these reviews to go viral. All previous reviews where everyone gets ignored dealing with Wolfcom is absolutely true. Good luck and if you're smart, stay away.

Mar 01, 2016

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