Wolf Fire Protection / refusal to pay employees

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Wolf Fire Protection, Inc. located In Baltimore MD, which is run by James J. Wolf, and Timothy Strohmer (who are both named as defendents in the federal lawsuit), Is involved in litigation for alledged failure to pay wages under the Federal FLSA and Maryland Wage and Hour Law, and for alledged retaliation under the Federal FLSA, as well as alledged violations of the Maryland Wage Payment and Collection Act.

This litigation may still be ongoing as a class action.


For more information see Ross V. Wolf Fire Protection:, +Inc.&hl=en&as_sdt=2, 10&rlz=1Y1LUNP_enUS513

The allegations are pertinent, and as such may be something you may or may not want to consider if you are considering potential employment with this company, or are considering procurring their services as a customer.


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