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Woburn, MA / Voters in Woburn

1 Woburn, MA, United States

How did Barney Frank get re-elected? What the hell kind of people are out there in woburn? who are these bereft idiots that voted for this stink of a politician? seriously, who are the actual human beings that cast a vote for Barney Frank?? Its unbelievable that there actually exists people who would vote for this deplorable sickening stench of a corrupt hog who bears serious responsibility for the mess we are in. The people that voted for this maggot should be ejected into space, what complete irrational idiots! I'm just baffled that there are actual breathing adults...who would vote for this reprehensible catastrophic beer gut. Dam there are some really stupid people in this country. Woburn is a disgrace to America. It is a treasonist city that put into office the same catastrophic Frank over and over again that has blame for losing millions of jobs throughout the world. Woburn should be carved out of the continent, thrown into a the ocean. NEVER SPEND A DIME IN WOBURN that city can go to the dungheap for all I care. I hope all of them lose their homes in foreclosure. Where is the borg when you need them? I'd love to see all the inhabitants of Woburn...those brainless irrational devolved ape-people who would actually take time out of their day to vote for Barney Frank...I'd like to see all of them lobotomized into a Borg and made to travel into a neutron star, so that the tidal effects would rip their atoms particle by particle until there was nothing left but cosmic dust.

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