WMG HomesaversWill not own up to their mistake - Extremely dishonest

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Eric Heller of WMG Associates and WMG Homesavers has lied and taken credit for work and efforts I did myself on a Loan Modification with Countrywide now Bank of America.

WMG once had a valid reputation is now using this to strong arm customers and pretty much tell me that they have a good reputation and no one would believe what I say...well lets see.

The 800 number listed on their website now states a different company.
Eric Heller which is part owner of this company is the one that has been telling me lies... his direct line is [protected]. Also in an email returned from the lawyer stated on the site Mr Michael Naso he is no longer taken on cases with this company.

The ONLY thing that WMG Associates aka WMG Homesavers did was send a file of my documents over to Countrywide on 3/11/2009 - no other follow-up has been done on their part. I don't think this is worth $2000.00 do you?

Originally contacted company in February 2009 for modification with Countrywide. Here it is now July...? Hum...

I became concerned when I was contacted by a rep named Angel (which is no longer there - this occurred when I brought my concerns to Eric Hellers attention but he tells me that Angel no longer being employed has nothing to do with him not doing his job...HUM?????)

Per Eric Heller, Angel is one of their best underwriters and had been there 6 years...but in speaking with Angel he did not know even the basics of my file? I don't understand this?

I have asked Mr Heller to provide me with notes from WMG ANY proof that the forbearance that has been obtained was due to them doing their job...he can not and has all but refused to provide me anything...See Top 10 Worst Companies in Newport Beach, CAhe tells me to call the mortgage company that they have all of this information. He also stated to that if all they have gotten me was a forbearance then they have not done their job and he would issue a refund to me immediately...he now denies this. Mr Heller also told me that WMG had obtained an agreement for me with the lender and when I asked him then what do I do about the forbearance that I have he told me NOT TO PAY IT and HE would get back to me with the agreement!!! When I did not hear from him I got concerned - he would not return my calls...however when I did speak with him he told me he had called several times...I have caller ID I am disabled and home all calls...yet another LIE! Remember Mr Heller told me not to make the payment...well when I didn't hear from him I got concerned and made the forbearance payment on the 8th which was late per the agreement is was due on the first...NOW he tells me that it was WMG that got me the forbearance and why didn't I make the payment...ANOTHER LIE!!!
Mr Heller must be very inexperienced in business I can not believe that upon bringing to his attention a problem in his organization he removes the problem but does not admit the damage it has done to me! This is not good business if you want to be in it for the long haul and not the short term just to make a buck. Mr Heller has also pretty much told me no one would believe me since the company has a good reputation. Then WHY IS IT the main reason I came to this company was their strength of a lawyer Mr Naso is no long going to represent any of their new customers...which Mr Naso is still listed on the WMG website...Someone please tell me the truth.
I want to get this [redacted] out there as soon as possible to alert others that are thinking about using WMG to be aware you may be the next 'opps you fell through the cracks victim'.

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      Jul 02, 2009

    I am So sorry to hear what happened thats why I entrusted in a law firm to get my Modification done. I recently did a loan Modification with the Al Verdi Law Group. They walked me through every step of the process from start to finish, I was very fortunate to find such a wonderful company to work with. If I may recommend any company to do your loan modification I would give them a call, they did my entire loan modification in exactly 47 days and anytime I had a question they were very responsive in getting right back to me. Its unfortunate there are so many bad company's out there, If anyone comes across any other bad companies please post because no one deserves to get there house taken from them. You can contact them at [protected] The gentlemen I worked with name was Cale Swanson

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