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WMAU Credit Card / SST / Transfer problem!

1 United States Review updated:

I had my wmau credit card accounts transferred to SST... who the heck is SST? And do they even have the right to transfer my account? Can someone please tell if anyone here had the same thing done to them.

Advise smb!

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  • Pe
      17th of Apr, 2007
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    I had my account from Providian become WaMu and then SST. The transition has been rocky. I was finally able to get online payments set up. I still have not received a billing from SST but got phone calls for an overdue payment. The SST lady I spoke with was easy to deal with and found my payment in the computer and indicated that the account should be fine. The payment should clear this evening. I have not checked for interest rate changes on the account.

    These changes were made without any notice to me. The first clue was that an SST credit card showed up in the mail and the Providian card began to be declined.

  • De
      18th of Apr, 2007
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    I had my WAMU account switched to SST just like you guys have stated, with no prior notice. I received a new credit card in the mail, but thats the only contact from SST that I have had. Have sent last months payment to WAMU like before, havent received a call from SST yet, but waiting because I know its coming. Is there an SST website that I can register on and keep my account current? Haven's been able to find anything at all. VERY FRUSTRATING!!!

  • St
      20th of Apr, 2007
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    I first had my Providian card transfered to WAMU, then without any notice received a card in the mail from SST. I found their website through a google search, because I received no bill in the mail etc. and knew my payment was due. Not a very "professional" looking site ( I must say it makes me very skeptical and nervous. I made the payment online, like I have always done, and apparently it takes two days to process. They hit me with a 39 dollar late fee because my payment was made the day of, go figure. I have never been late with my payments before. Also this company puts a 10 day hold on any payments of 200 dollars or more. So whatever you can do... pay it off and be done with them.

  • Ph
      27th of Apr, 2007
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    WMAU Credit Card / SST - Transfer of account been charged late fee due to unknown transfer
    United States

    I receive a new credit cards in the mail about the transfer a day before my account is due. When I submitted a payment it classified as late, they charge me a late and over limit fee too. My payment is about $100.00 for May when my normal payment is about $25.00. I didn't appreciated or care for WAMU or SST. As soon as possible I will have my balance transfer. But I'm planning on calling them about the charges to see if the will reverse them but I doubted. Sorry dogs these to credit card company

  • Sa
      7th of May, 2007
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    I along with many other people have had this same issue. Providian did not ask for permission to release my account information or sell it to sst, and sst has a never working site and never answering customer service. This is such a rip off/scam. I'm thinking of just stop paying. The worst thing was, they change your credit card numbers, so even though i always paid providian and was never late-My credit card got denied embarrassingly at a busy store and I had no idea why.Then when I called providian they had no explanation for why my account was sold, just that I'd have to deal with sst now. Screw them.

  • Kh
      8th of May, 2007
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    I can't get on to the sst site. The site is down right now this is the third time this happen. This stinks!!! I guess they can just sell our account to any one they want to. This is a terrible way to do business!!!

  • Ba
      20th of May, 2007
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    Okay now I am a little nervous after reading these complaints. I have heard of companies transferring before so I wasn't too nervous when this happened. When I received my new cards that was my only notice as well, but with the cards they had listed a website. I have not been able to figure out the 200 hold thing yet either... why would there be a hold on a payment that you make to a credit card??? Please email me if there is any more concerns or things I should be aware of with these.

  • Pe
      22nd of Aug, 2007
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    I also had a providian card sold to sst. my rate went to 29.99 with all kinds of chg. added on. They also closed my acct. tried to say I closed it myself, which was false. They have finally started to work with me but I still am paying on a closed card. I wish someone would check on this type of business. I am 69 years old and live on s.s.

  • Pe
      22nd of Aug, 2007
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    I had a providian card sold to sst. Now my rate is 29.99. after late chgs. and other chgs. I finally was able to get them to drop the rate to 15%. I live on ss. and can't afford this type of business actions. I do not like dealing with sst.

  • Pe
      23rd of Aug, 2007
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    I HATE SST as well as WAMU! They did the same thing to me! Not only did they transfer my balance to SST, they withdrew money from my checking account without prior authorization. I used to have my payments set up throughWAMU to come out of my account. I had one set up a month in advance so I guess when they transferred my balance, they charged my account (a month early) for the payment. Just to let you know, I had never been late on my credit card bill for WAMU. I also paid substantially more than the minimum balance. Not only that, the card was only for $500.00! I called WAMU and SST and they said that WAMU had the authorization to transfer the balance as listed in that "God-Awful, Unilateral Piece of Crap" they call a contract. Anyway, I saw the payment show up on my online bank statement and I called my bank thinking I had been a victim of fraud. The bank reverse the payment. It was after that, I found that this credit card payment was from SST, the new company who owns my credit card. They charged me a late fee and everything. I asked them if they could remove it due to the circumstances and they wouldn't! So, I told them to close the account and I'll pay it off like that. A month ago I paid off half the balance of the card leaving around $175 on the card. A couple days after paying it, I went on and paid the balance because I was sick of doing business with them. The first payment happened on 7/9 and I paid the second $175 on 7/13, which at the time made the balance zero. What do you know, I recently got an August bill in the mail stating I owed $7.76 in finance charges. CAN YOU TELL ME HOW I GOT BILLED FINANCE CHARGES ON A ZERO BALANCE? Anyway, today 8/23, I paid the $7.76 and they better not send me another bill or they are going to make me a rich man, because I will sue their pants off! TO REITERATE, I HATE SST AND WAMU! THEY ARE A BUNCH OF SCAM ARTIST CREDIT CARD COMPANIES!

  • Ca
      27th of Aug, 2007
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    First off there are several things to address that may or may not clarify things. The credit card held is NOT yours but owned by the bank, and based on your credit worthiness, you are granted credit. You don't own the card, it is a privileged to carry it. Secondly, if your payment is late you rate default. I read this in my terms and disclosures... yeah, I read the fine print. SST is NOT a bank, it is a 3rd party servicer in the credit card industry. Your replacement card from WAMU is from CBT or Columbus bank & Trust... not SST. WAMU sold about 200,000 accounts to CBT that were "risk" accounts, meaning low credit limit or customers with a low beacon credit score. Don't like it, transfer your account. Bottom line is that SST is doing what they were hired to do, collect the balance on your account and close it out. They don't give a crap about card member retention, the accounts were sold cheap to CBT and they want a zero balance. Speaking of zero balance, as long as your card holds a balance, you owe interest on that balance... even if for one day. So if you pay your balance in the middle of a billing cycle, you owe interest for 1/2 of that cycle. Don't understand the concept, gain credit knowledge before signing on for a credit card.

    I have had nothing but excellent customer service from SST, when I was late, I paid the $39 fee as was agreed upon in my terms and disclosures. I was late by 3 days and my apr went from 10.29 to 31.49% again, this was MY fault. You can't handle the responsibility of credit, then don't sign up for the card. Quit making it someone else's responsibility that you make your payment late or that you don't carry a WAMU card anymore...

  • Ri
      5th of Sep, 2007
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    I don't have a problem with responsibility, but they do. I have been behind, but made some payments when I could. I am receiving multiple calls per day from them: hang up calls, recorded messages, and occasionally they actually speak to me. I know who the hang up calls are from because of Caller ID.

    At first they were nice and apologetic about the multiple calls per day thing. Now they are claiming they can call me anytime and as many times as they please. I learned not to believe someone who has a vested interest in continuing what they are doing. So, I've been to the FTC website. Guess what! They appear to be in violation of at least three specific rules in my case: (1) they have ignored my multiple requests to cease the telephone calls, (2) their multiple contacts in close proximity (up to 3 times per day) look like another violation, (3) the hang up calls are definitely a form of harassment and violate another rule.

  • Mi
      12th of Sep, 2007
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    I haven't even had my card for a month yet and I just found out it was sold to SST? The only reason I knew was that I went online to the Wamu site to set up online payment and got the message. Seems like an odd way to run a business to me. I am sure this is some sort of scam, but like I said, I haven't had the card for a month yet, so I can't imagine what angle they think they are working. There are just way too many complaints lodged against SST for them not to be doing something underhanded. Guess I will wait to get my bill, pay it off in full, close the account and write my Congressman, Senators and the BBB just to make sure that I have done what little I can to help fight the shady dealings of Wamu and SST. You would be surprised just how often that one extra complaint is all it takes to get the ball rolling.

  • Va
      31st of Oct, 2007
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    Wow... I've been dealing with this SST crap for about 5 months now and I am so fed up. They are totally unorganized, uneducated about their product and have little to no customer service.

    I have been making payments to the address that was mailed to me in the mail. Wouldn't you know that SST has a marketing firm that uses their inside customers mailing lists. I received a fake looking form, yes, but EVERYTHING down to the website I log into to look at my bill from SST has been fake looking. The form was to set up automatic payments.

    After a long winded conversation with them today I find out that for the past 4 months my payments have not been posted to my account so now I need to figure out who has been cashing them.

    I can not wait until I am $1960 richer so that I can pay this card off and close the sucker.


  • Dy
      4th of Dec, 2007
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    I had this same exact thing happen to me. Let me know if we can do a class action lawsuit.

  • No
      8th of Apr, 2008
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    Once again i can't get on to pay my bill. Please shut this bs company down!!! Thanks Washington Mutual/Providian...this has been a huge nightmare!

  • Ti
      3rd of May, 2008
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    I am definitely glad to see other people that have been in the same situation as I have been in before with SST. Like all of you I was absolutely shocked when Wamu sold me to SST. I have been charged late fews a few times by them and when you speak to them over the telephone they couldn't careless about you as their "client". I cannot wait to pay off my remaining balance. I have already done balance transfers to have most of my balance off of the card and I have been paying way more than the monthly payment each month to ensure that the card will be paid off very soon. Plus the card was cut up many many months ago. I wish everyone the best of luck with their situations!!!

  • Ma
      9th of May, 2008
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    I also had the same done to me I now send my payments in with the original bill as for and example I sent May 2008 payment in with MAYS bill onApril 18th so it would be in early and I am getting phone calls that the payment for may is due and owing and they slapped another 39 dollar late fee on me when i sent mays payment in 2 weeks early they said it applies 2 payments to april and they dont count it for may making me late on may when in fact i paid mays payment early its a horrible way for them to make more and more money. I never was ever late and they punish you even if you send it in with the paper stating mays payment it should of be credited early payment and mays paid know i get a 39.00 late fee again and again and i am on social security and its hitting me hard SOME ONE PLEASE DO SOMETHING

  • Ro
      22nd of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    They have recieved 382.00 payment this month on a $1, 076.34 balance, I just got my new bill they gave me some trumped up charges and now say i owe 920.68??? Say someone please say lawsuit. I am a 31 year old widow raising a son, they were rude as hell and had no reason for the charges I made no pruchases, I have not made any purchases in over 7 months.
    I am sick and tired of this stuff. This was a providian card to begin with, with a low interest rate??? WTF??? Am I supposed to do now?
    Keep paying that amount and get those charges for no reason and them not remove them for no reason?

  • Hl
      28th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    My WAMU account was originally a past due Providian account. I made an agreement with WAMU to pay off the Providian account and keep the WAMU account subsequently current which I did for approximately 3 years. Without any prior notice I received notices that my WAMU account was closed and to not contact them any more and that my account was now with SST. SST (which is really a credit collection management agency in my observation) sent a notice saying I missed a payment and have ever since charged $70 over limit and $39 (or thereabout) late fee each month and increased my interest rate from below 10 to closer to 40 so as in additon to monthly payments I owe more than $100 additional. I would rather that WAMU informed me they were closing my account and requested any balance PIF. My score needless to say which was around 650 is now far less than 600... And it does no good to complain about the seemingly criminal process since they are both the same institution with SST collecting the accounts. I was told by a consumer advisor the process is currently legal or at least unchecked and unregulated and happens all the time. I was told off-line by an industry employee it's a revenue-generater.

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