WLY* / I want my money back, I have never heard of this website until now so how could it take my money

Why have I been charged a total of £15 for a website I have never heard of and have never enetered details in! Please tell me! I want my money back and all details that belong to me to be removed of this website! I'm appalled that a website/company can just take money from individuals without consent or notice! I am really furious! I work very hard for my own money! I do not expect money to be taken without even knowing about it, quite frankly it's disgusting! Yes I may shop online sometime but it is not a regular thing for me to do! I want my details removed permernantly and my money refunded i'm disgusted


  • Updated by Rachel Cockburn, Jul 28, 2018

    please get back to me on [protected]

Jul 28, 2018

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