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WLK LEVEL / wow level service

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Amazing is all I can say. As of late i haven't had the need to purchase these services, but seeing all this feedback i felt as though I needed to put mine in. I have been going to this company for many years now, the people who work here are wonderful. I have actually had days where I just started talking with them just because. Now I never really remember my account so I don't "really" have V.I.P. account status, but I feel as though this company deserves unseen credit in how well they relate to people and how understanding they are. I honestly feel as though if you explain to them if something is in delay that they unlike many other companies will actually try to help you. This is the only company I will EVER trust with my powerleveling services.

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  • Ry
      22nd of Mar, 2009
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    Right now, exactly 12 hours after i paid for this service, i logged in to find my
    level 80 rogue with resurrection sickness, a few options changed and in the barrens.

    As for the character they were SUPPOSED to level, there was absolutely nothing.

    i was promised 12-19 days, yet on the first day, they just played with my level 80 main
    and did NOT level the character i paid them too.

    Been trying to get to talk to customer service for 5 hours now, and still no sign of any hint
    of response.

    This is just the beginning of my experience with them and it's not starting well.

  • Ry
      22nd of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    i just did some fishing around on the net, and i found out that

    brigame = wlklevel = thsale

    thsale and brigame have gotten more and more negative reviews and
    that's why they had to change themselves to be called wlklevel.

    DON'T waste your money on this. live help never comes up after you pay

  • Ry
      23rd of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    Welcome ! If you have any questions or suggestions about our services, please feel free to tell us anytime!
    Our operators will help your through the live chat or email.
    Please choose the department or service item to get live help.
    market dept.(Online) technology dept.(Online)
    agent service(Online) advice(Online)

    If the operators are all busy and you can't get response for a long time, you can contact us by email.

    wlk 03-23 21:58:53

    You 03-23 21:59:17
    hi i think i would like a refund already

    You 03-23 21:59:22
    you said would level for me 1 hour but did not

    You 03-23 21:59:29
    so i think i don't want the service anymore

    wlk 03-23 21:59:35

    we are leveling now

    You 03-23 22:00:21
    no you are not

    You 03-23 22:00:27
    i have been on and checking

    wlk 03-23 22:00:32

    just logoff

    wlk 03-23 22:00:39

    we level for 2 hours

    wlk 03-23 22:00:46

    but you didnt close the dispute

    wlk 03-23 22:00:52

    so we paused

    wlk 03-23 22:00:56

    and we have sent email to you

    wlk 03-23 22:00:59

    did you receive??

    wlk 03-23 22:01:18


    You 03-23 22:01:18
    you level for 2 hours?

    wlk 03-23 22:01:21


    You 03-23 22:01:25
    my character IS STILL LEVEL 6!!!

    You 03-23 22:01:29
    didnt change at all!!!

    wlk 03-23 22:01:44

    no, we leveled for you

    wlk 03-23 22:01:57

    but you didnt close the dispute

    wlk 03-23 22:02:00

    so we paused

    You 03-23 22:02:03
    it is still the exactly same level

    You 03-23 22:02:04

    wlk 03-23 22:02:08


    You 03-23 22:02:09
    yesterday was level 6

    wlk 03-23 22:02:13

    yes, same

    You 03-23 22:02:14
    and NOW is still level 6

    wlk 03-23 22:02:16

    but we leveled

    You 03-23 22:02:21
    you take 2 hours to level nothing?

    wlk 03-23 22:02:22

    we promise we leveled for you

    You 03-23 22:02:31
    2 hours and no level at all

    You 03-23 22:02:35
    what kind of level is it?

    wlk 03-23 22:02:48

    we cant level under a dispute

    wlk 03-23 22:02:53

    that is our rule

    wlk 03-23 22:02:56

    I am so sorry

    You 03-23 22:03:01
    you say you level for 2 hours?

    You 03-23 22:03:02

    You 03-23 22:03:05
    what did you level please show me

    You 03-23 22:03:22
    or i shall post on all the wow forums about brigame and wlklevel and tell people about your service

    You 03-23 22:03:28
    and i will also escalate claim to paypal

    wlk 03-23 22:03:35


    You 03-23 22:03:36
    you said you level for 2 hours

    You 03-23 22:03:37

    wlk 03-23 22:04:00

    you said you close the dispute

    wlk 03-23 22:04:03


    You 03-23 22:04:23
    what did you promise me?

    You 03-23 22:04:27
    you said you will level for 1 hour

    You 03-23 22:04:31
    and if i see that you got level

    You 03-23 22:04:33
    i will close the dispute

    wlk 03-23 22:04:35


    You 03-23 22:04:36
    you did not even level

    wlk 03-23 22:04:40


    You 03-23 22:04:46

    You 03-23 22:04:49
    from level what to level what?

    You 03-23 22:04:51
    please tell me

    You 03-23 22:05:00
    please tell me how many levels you leveled

    wlk 03-23 22:05:21

    close the dispute

    wlk 03-23 22:05:31

    we will hit to 20 in 4 hours

    wlk 03-23 22:05:36

    level 7 now

    You 03-23 22:05:45
    level 7? i will go check now

    You 03-23 22:06:22

    You 03-23 22:06:25
    Level 6 Mage

    You 03-23 22:06:29
    Eversong Woods

    You 03-23 22:06:32
    you cheating company

    You 03-23 22:06:46
    i will go post on complaintboards and markeedragon and all the wow forums now

    You 03-23 22:06:49
    about brigame and wlklevel

    You 03-23 22:06:58
    and you using zencart software

    wlk 03-23 22:07:07


    wlk 03-23 22:07:16

    also we ### your mom

    wlk 03-23 22:07:16

    son of ###

    wlk 03-23 22:07:19

    ### you

    wlk 03-23 22:07:21

    you are lier

    wlk 03-23 22:07:24


    wlk 03-23 22:07:27


    wlk 03-23 22:07:29

    my dod

    wlk 03-23 22:07:33


    You 03-23 22:07:39
    ok i will paste this everything up on the forums

    wlk 03-23 22:07:41

    ### you!

    ### you!

    ### you!

    ### you!

    ### you!

    ### you!

    ### you!

    ### you!

    ### you!

    ### you!

    ### you!

  • Di
      1st of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    If you must use these services, go to . This is their own site. I bought thru I wanted level 75-80. They quoted 3 days, at 57 bucks. Good deal. Nothing was done 1st 2 days, then on 3rd, very quickly done. I was very impresses. I have another account, so i helped with group quests. They were supposed to leave 1200 gold also. Ended up leaving 1500, plus bought cold weather flying. They did go the 5 lvls without training though.
    Only thing I didn't like, sometimes they talk to people who talk to them, ie, your friends list, but tell em not to, and they won't.

  • Da
      12th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    ( is by far the worst! WoW leveling site I have either used or any of my guildies have used. The experience I had personally was awful. Their customer service is awful and offered no help at all. They refused to let me cancel my order after my account was banned and stole my money. I think that they tried to steal my account because after I paid and submitted my info to them, they tried to change my password. I realize that by trying to p/l I took a chance at not getting banned. But I Do Not Think That A P/L Service Should Try To Change Your Password! I would recommend looking beyond their prices and pick another company that may cost a little more but hopefully are not lying thieves. Good luck

  • Bl
      26th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    This company is bad on all levels!! They claim to not use a bot but they do! I know they do because I myself bot and can tell when a character is being ran by a bot. They got my character to level 65 and then the next thing I get is an email from blizzard saying that my account is banned! I chatted with them via their customer service and they said they would refund my money. 3 days later i still havent recieved a refund. I have made plenty of attempts to contact them via customer their live help and I never get a responce. I paid for 1-80 that comes with 80, 000 gold. I asked them to pay for new WoW keys and give me 80, 000 gold and i would call it even. They said they didn't have any gold. So thats when I asked for a refund which they offered to do but didn't. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!! If you want a character botted to 80 then bot it yourself!

  • Hi
      22nd of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    I just wanted to write and say www.level4game all are doing an awesome job leveling my character. I really appreciate.Followed my char a few times and always professional. I have told all my friends about your service and quality

  • Er
      22nd of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    Just like the person bellow me I was a bit nervous at first: I knew there were a lot of scam sites out there, but I decided to give it a try.
    It worked out fantastically! They did exactly what I wanted them to do and the customer service being available all the time made everything a lot easier (Since I was nervous I still had many questions even after the order).
    I will definitely refer this site to my Archlord-playing friends =)

    Thank you very much! :)

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