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I found this mystery charge for $12 in my checking account. The description of the charge was pretty vague so I couldn't place where it had originated. The description said:

"POS Withdrawal SHOPPER DI 101 Merritt [protected] CTUS"

I googled the phone number in the description. After reading several complaints about this company, and looking back at my charges over the last 6 months, I decided to call the company. The person I talked to told me that they had sent me a confirmation email to my yahoo email address. It undoubtedly went to my spam folder. After some persistent complaining I was able to get the "customer service representative" to agree to credit my account the charges for the last 6 months. She did send a confirmation email of the cancellation and reinbursement, which has a confirmation number for the transaction.

I believe that the source of the mystery charge was from a $10 off your next purchase coupon that popped up on I thought the coupon was from, but it apparently is not. The coupon was not in a separate 'pop-up' window, but seemed embedded in the checkout page. They (WLI Shoppers Discounts and Rewards) were somehow able to get my credit card information from the checkout page, where I had filled it in to make my purchase. Pretty scary. It makes me think that, and other websites from the sounds of the posts I read, have an agreement with WLI Shoppers Discounts and Rewards, which is very uncool. I will think twice about using these online sites ever again.


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      Sep 05, 2009

    Just make sure to double check the check marks when making on-line purchase. gets a commission from company like that. And more the people do not check off the check boxes, the more money can make.

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