Wizard Entertainment GroupCredit Card Fraud


In June of 2009 I purchased two items from totalling $35.97. The items were quickly shipped and I received them within a week. However, the company had charged my credit card twice for the ammount for a total of $71.94.

I sent an email to [protected] and requested a refund. a "Person" named "Peter Katz" quickly replied with the following:

"No problem at all.

We will take care of this for you.


Peter Katz
Wizard Entertainmetn"

A week passed and I had neither seen a refund to my credit card, nor heard anything from "Peter Katz" regarding a refund in the works. I sent a request for updated information on the refund. After not hearing back in 48 hours, I sent a second request. both were ignored.

After waiting a few more days, I sent a third request for refund. This time I threatened to report the incident to the BBB and FTC if I did not get a reply. "Peter" quickly replied back with the following:

"I'm copying Ashley on this to have you refunded for you. Ashley, please refund and let me (and <my name>) know when its all done.



A week passed with no word from "Ashley" or "Peter" regarding a refund and nothign was posted to my credit card. I contacted my credit card company and they confirmed that no refund request was made or was in the works. They requested that I print out and mail in a form to dispute the charges.

On June 30 ther was a refund of $9.99 posted to my credit card. this left $25.98 remianing. I sent several emails regarding this remaining amount owed and none have been replied to. I have filed a complaint with the BBB and teh FTC; bot have been ignored so far by Wizard Entertainmetn Group.

It wasn't unitl after this experience that I learned the company has a very poor reputation regarding customer service. has a very low feedback rating for the seller and lists countless customer complaints.

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