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Witches Corner / Fraud

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Witches Corners offers a selection of spells that will help you with anything from losing weight to returning a lost lover. PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!!! I was advised by a former employee that it is a scam. This is the same person that orginally took my "order". I don't know if she suddenly grew a conscience or what but she told me that Marisa is a total scam artist! Luckily for me, my credit card company was able to get my refund from PayPal. I was also told by the former employee that the 3 month guarantee is the same amount of time that PayPal will no longer become involved with a refund. So don't wait 3 months before you attempt a refund...get it now!!!


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N  15th of Jan, 2009 by 
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When I asked help from this dishonest woman, she wanted me to order a Power spell for $2.000. She said it would change my life, and promised me refunding my money if I don't see any results within 3 months. Absolutely no results ! And now she doesn't answer my calls and e-mails. Never trust her, never send her money ! Sorry, my English is not good and I can not write more with details, but I just wanted to warn all about this wicked woman. If you want to be a stupid like me, it is up to you. I hope she will be punished for what she did to all.
N  5th of Feb, 2009 by 
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Witches Corner - Unauthorized charges
Witches Corner
United States

I ordered a spell from Marisa in August. 90 days later the spell had not produced the desired results. I contacted Marisa and asked her to honor the guarantee.

She did respond a couple of times and say she had to review my file. It has now been 3 weeks since she last responded and 6 weeks since I asked for the refund.

She has lied to me and ripped me off yet she is still sending me her sale emails to buy more spells!

N  5th of Feb, 2009 by 
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Real spells must be crafted by the caster.
Also beware of goodluck trinkets and false receipes.
N  2nd of Mar, 2009 by 
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What a ###!!! Grow up!!! At what age did you finally find out that this witchery crap isn't real? Or did you just find this out? Well hopefully this opened your eyes to the real world.
A  13th of Mar, 2009 by 
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Good for you coming out and posting this! Visit you tube and search witchescorner and you'll see some videos by scamstoppers. I recommend posting on those videos and getting them up and out so people see who this "witch" really is!
N  5th of Aug, 2011 by 
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@ chevyboy It has nothing to do with being a ### or living in a fantasy world, even the most intelligent, sane and rational people would do just about ANYTHING if there DESPERATE enough, even if it doesn't make any logical sense !

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