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Placed order online for Sony DCR SR80 camcorder, was sent an email a few days later stating I needed to call back to confirm order... when I called I spoke to what sounded like a teenage kid... he was rude and attempted to hardsell extra batteries etc... I refused and then he stated the camera was backordered... would not answer questions and finally hung up on me... Also very strange... he asked for last three digits of credit card security code... hopefully my card isn't hit with fraud... A month later... no camera... still claim it was backordered however I had a friend call and they confirmed camera was in stock... "as long as you buy accessories... if not they tell you it's out of stock... forever until you cancel the order... I googled the company and there a hundreds of complaints just like mine... They are currently under investigation by the NY attorney General per several reports... STAY AWAY from these guys!!!

All these are related companies owned by same group of scammers:

Accessories Land,
I.N.S. Digital World,
Stargate Photo Inc.,
The Camera Whiz,
Wawa Digital,

Wisetronics, 2845 86th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11223. The actual phone # is [protected]. The "owner???" is Shlomi Albaydadi & there are at least 3 in Brooklyn. I found all this on the NY City BBB website. I also filed a complaint with them to just get it on the record. At last count there are 21 complaints there. My next step is a complaint through the NY Attorney General office, you can download the form from their website. If everyone files a complaint maybe we can shut this guy down or better yet send him to jail.

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  • Ri
      24th of Mar, 2007
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    I ordered a Canon A710is online on March 15, 2007 and paid for 3-5 day delivery. I received a call from the sales rep on the 16th and was told if I buy some of the lens accessories he would ship the camera overnight and I would have it the next or two. I said no thanks and due Wisetronics unethical business practice of selling the cameras at cost or below and if no accessories are purchased they tell you it will be on backorder for over a month. This is an unethical business and should never be considered, consumer beware.

  • Sa
      5th of Apr, 2007
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    I ordered the Sony SR82 from their website for $569.99. The next day I received a called from a salesman to confirm my order.
    During the call, I was asked to purchase one of the packages of accessories. I refused. I printed a copy of the receipt from the website and noted the item would ship 7-12 business day. This was on March 22. On April 5, 14 day later, I called to inquire about the order and was told the Sony SR82 was backorder. The sales lady informed me it would shipped the end of April.

    I called minutes later and got another sales person and was told the SR82 was in stock. When I indicated the status of my order, the salesman told me the item was "available" and was being shipped from overseas. It would take several weeks to arrive. I called later and cancelled the order. Back on the website I found the item selling for $519 and would be shipped in two days.

    It seems they take your money and make up stories about the order. Every salesperson has a different story.

  • Ja
      5th of Apr, 2007
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    Warning, stay away from this site. Wisetronics is a rip off. Do some research, most links will take you to complaints against this merchant. They're located in Brooklyn. They operate under different and fraudulent names.

  • Ch
      13th of Jun, 2007
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    I had the same issue with Wisetronic's on my phone purchase on June 6, 2007.

    "Joe" took my order and gave me pricing as follows:

    I purchased Sony DVR-DVD308 for $359.99. He offered a 5 Hour battery for $80. Then offered a two year Warranty for $40. Rush shipping was $30. Total of $509.99 right!

    When I received my package, I was charged $609.99!! The packing slip did not show individual pricing of each of the items, Just a "package" price.

    Here's the fun part... Listed on the packing slip was a note on their "Return" policy.

    "To return or exchange the above products in whole as a package, NOT individually, since your was processed as a package, 15%-20% restocking will be applied to your returned package, excluding S&H".

    Interesting, because "Joe" never mentioned that I was getting a package deal. Nor did he explain the "Return" policy to me. So, you can NOT just return one item, you have to return everything for them to correct the problem.
    That means you that I have to pay shipping charges and RESTOCKING FEE's.

    So, I call customer service, extraordinary, "Rachel". I told her I was over charged by $100. She told me that all she could see ( price wise ) was the package price. Not individual pricing that Joe and I agreed on. Of course, "Joe" wasn't in that day to help. Rachel offered me a couple of items to make up for the difference, but would not offer a refund.

    The only price that was I was able to prove was the camera price, because that was on their web site. So, I asked to return the battery and warranty and just charge me for the camera and shipping. Nope, everything had to go back as a whole because her system only saw it as a a "package". So, I would have to pay shipping and restocking fee's.

    I was on the phone for two hours, trying to get them to agree on a fair deal, still no go.

    She refused to believe that they made any mistake ( for obvious reason's ). I asked to speak to her Supervisor, "James Buccanon" but he wouldn't talk to me.

    I guess they got a little upset that I called American Express and put a "Dispute Payment" on the full amount of $609.99. So, Amex will hold payment until the dispute is settled.

  • To
      8th of Nov, 2007
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    Add two to the list. They both did the same thing to me. They said I had to call and confirm the order. When I called Digital Nerds and did not buy any accessories, they sent a message back that my order was out of stock and canceled the order. 86th Photo & Video - So I re-ordered through this place who did the same thing to me except they lied to me. Steve told me that this camera required special batteries. Stupidly I agreed to buy them without checking for sure. After I got off the phone I checked and found out he lied. When I called back he said there was nothing he could do - the order had been processed.

    86th Photo & Video
    The Digital Nerds.

  • Pa
      24th of Nov, 2007
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    Same Story. I bought Pioneer AVIC-D3 and they pressured me into buying a 3-5 year warranty at $49.00 a year and that it could be repaired anywhere I went that sold Pioneer Navigation systems. He said once he processed the order he would ship it immediately, so that meant it was in stock. I denied warranty and the person I spoke with "clark" ( yeah right ), hung up the phone. Same day at night I received an email stating my product is on back order and may takes weeks to get. I called and spoke with someone else that would not give me his name and stated that the reason it was back ordered is because they had to order it from pioneer in Japan. ( HAHAHA, BULL***P ). However, the so called Clark stated he would ship it right away as I mentioned before. To give him the benefit of the doubt I called a couple of days later and just asked out of curiosity if they sold the AVIC-D3 and they said of coarse, so I asked if they had several in stock, so they checked and definitely had them in stock. So some funny business is going on and whoever reads this in NY that works for Law Enforcement or Local / State Government, even the FBI, ( I'm in Orlando, FL, and this transaction is taking place in NY ) should investigate this. I will cancel my order due to the fact that other people have been charged a different price and am not willing to take a risk with my credit card. Off the Record it is my opinion ( I have not verified this ) that 86th Street Photo and,,, and may be all associated or even worse, the same people. Ironically they all have addresses in Brooklyn, NY.

  • De
      30th of Nov, 2007
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    I also was a victim of this upsell. Great price on the Sony CyberShot DSC-H3 that I wanted and then got called at work with the bogus reason that there's so much ID theft, that they wanted to verify that it was definitely me, then went into a 30 minute hard sell on all the products that were ABSOLUTELY necessary for the camera to work as I'd expect. Didn't I know that the battery in the camera would only last 40 minutes!! I had done months of research on this camera and knew that it was all a load of BS, so I finally convinced Jason that I needed just the camera for $238. (S&H included)... not the $704 with the upgrades and additional items. No problem, he told me. One minute after I finished talking to him, he sent me an email that my camera was backordered and it would be 4-6 weeks until it would become available. I emailed them to cancel my order. Stupidly enough, I found a better price $233 with S&H included with TechnoDigital and the same routine ensued... phone call... hard sell... and then a reluctant agreement to sell me just the camera. I should have realized that James was full of it when he told me the same camera battery would only last 20 minutes. When I explained that I'm buying it as a gift and didn't need the rest, he huffily stated "Hey, I'm just trying to help you." I reminded him I was the customer and then he said to me in his Brooklyn accent "there's no need to get huffy." I told him to cancel. Bottom line folks, if it seems to good to be true - it is. Stick with those you know.

  • Th
      13th of Jan, 2008
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    We ordered the Sony Cyber-shot DSCH 7/B.
    We got the same routine as the other people.
    We only ordered the camera, then we got an email that we had to call them to confirm the order. When I called he used the excuse that I hadn't put the month on the expiration date and he needed that. I know I did because it was already approved. It was an excuse to call me to try to sell me merchandise. The sales person tried to sell me the service contract and the batteries (mine only last 4 5 minutes, he said). I told him I didn't have the extra money right now... we just wanted the camera now.

    He couldn't get off of the phone fast enough and was not friendly at all. We also received the e-mail stating that it would not be shipped for 4 to 6 weeks.

    Foort Wayne, In

  • Th
      14th of Jan, 2008
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  • Lo
      8th of Mar, 2008
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    I also got caught by this scammer, Albaydadl, through one of his other scam businesses, 86th Street Photo & Video. They were advertising a Canon Powershot S5 IS digital camera for $250 (as of today, 8 March they are advertising it for $229). I've also put up a blog,, to out these businesses. I've filed complaints with the New York State Attorney General's Office, the New York Better Business Bureau, the Kings County District Attorney's Office, the FTC, and with the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs. I've done research on this guy and his "businesses" by googling them and have found page after page of "bait and up-sell" scam complaints against them so why hasn't anyone done anything about them. All these "bait and up-sell" scam artists seem to be located in the same area of the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn. Another family of scam artist businesses you need to be aware of is the Broadway Photo family (, its owned by Ben Z. Cohen. This family of scam businesses consists of 14 businesses (see my blog for the list) all engaged in this same scam. I think everyone whose been burnt by these kind of scam businesses should file complaints with the agencies I described, maybe if enough people complain the city, state, and feds will do something about them.

  • To
      6th of Nov, 2008
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    MY experience was identical to ALL of these. Under no circumstance should you consider either Wisetronics or 86th Street camera.

    When searching online, you might find a few positive reviews, but when you actually read those rare reviews, its clear the WISEtronic guys posted these reviews themselves.

  • Sa
      5th of Feb, 2009
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    I got suckered by an online price of $179 plus $10 for 1 week shipping for a GPS (Garmin 265WT). When I got called to "confirm" my order, the salesman told me that I should also get a memory card in order to download map updates, and that he would throw in a carrying case and 3 day shipping. Total for the order: $320 plus $10 shipping. I said no 3 times - but in the end he told me that map upgrades would be impossible without the "special" memory card and I fell for it.
    The biggest problem for me is that the Garmin website indicates that you can buy EXTRA maps ( e.g., Europe) on THEIR memory cards, or use cards to store pictures, extra points of interest, etc. Cards are NOT required for map updates and will not speed up the update process. Secondly, the carrying case sent is for a camera, and way too big to serve for a GPS.
    My discussion with Peter Sullivan (grand poobah of customer service) ended the same as for others - they would be glad to refund my $320 less 20% restocking fee ($64). Shipping both ways is $10 x 2, so I would be out $84 and have nothing. No breaking up the "package" deal for a partial refund.

    This is my first experience with 86th Street Photo & Video and it will definitely be my last. I should have checked out these con artists before ordering.

  • As
      4th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes - Rip off
    United States

    Wisetronics is a rip off. PLEASE BUY SOMEPLACE ELSE... it will save you lots of headaches. All shopping search engines should permanently remove them from their websites. Wisetronics mislead the consumers by offering low prices, but what you don't know is that they will try to sell you all sorts of accessories and if you don't buy the accessories, you will never receive your order.I will personally contact the federal and local authorities to make these people accountable and put them out of business. My brief story: I made my purchase, received an email to contact them by phone to confirm the order, the salesman persistenly tried to sell me batteries, lens, filters, etc. He said that the manufacturer's battery only last a few minutes and that I needed to purchase additional batteries (jacked up prices), then he went on with other reasons why I should buy the lens and filters... etc. I told him I just wanted the camera. He very rudely hung up on me after I put my foot down. When I made the purchase, it said "ships in 1-2 business days". I called 2 weeks later to find out about the order and the saleswoman told me that they were out of stock and it will be a month before they have more. I told her that on their website the camera shows to be available and "ships in 1-2 business days". She just told me "we don't have it". Needless to say, I canceled the order. I researched the company and found out that I am not the only one. There are tons of complaints against Wisetronics. I was fortunate enough to cancel my order before the shipment was made and would have received the wrong item like many others did. Bottom line: If you don't buy their expensive accesories, you will never get your order. I should have done my homework before I purchased from Wisetronics.

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