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Wisdom and Associates Inc Debt Run grant scam if they call you Run! / Claim they can get grant monies, claim they have been in business 7 years FALSE! Shelf Corp,with no licence

United States, Nevada, Las Vegas Review updated:
56% 9
Contact information:
Wisdom & Associates Inc. / Debt Run
3075 E Flamingo Suite 113B
Las Vegas
This company is a Scam. They claim to be in business 7 years, truth is these Individuals bought a shelf corporation. They seem to be operating under a different licence. 1 month in business. If they call Hang Up! Lies, Lies, Lies! Madison Vilella contacted me asking me to pay for a so called Retainer, qulified me within minutes ( weird) then transferee me to a director or should I say closer very pushy and unprofessional. I contacted my attorney who told me they bought a shelf Corp that belonged to a dentist, don't give them a penny!


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A  22nd of Apr, 2009 by 
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Wisdom & Associates Inc, Debt Run Inc, Wisdom and Associates, Global Business Funding, USA Grants, The GRANT PEOPLE Global, USA, National Professional Filings, ALL THE SAME SCAMMERS Las Vegas Nevada - All linked! DONT LET THEM TAKE YOUR MONEY! RUN!!! >>> GOOGLE GLOBAL BUSINESS FUNDING >> ANYTHING YOU SEE IS LINKED TO >>> WISDOM & ASSOCIATES INC (SHELF CORPORATION SHOWING)

go to /link removed/

Do a search for WISDOM & ASSOCIATES INC there is two reports,

ATTN: WISDOM AND ASSOCIATES INC, Debt Run, is linked to the
The Grant People have reared they're ugly heads again, THEY BOUGHT A SHELF CORPORATION TO OPERATE UNDER A DIFFRENT NAME >>>> They started as WISDOM & ASSOCIATES INC, then DEBT RUN, USA GRANT TEAM and then Global Business Funding and NOW GB FUNDING Inc. Brand new name same sorry old scam. Same people who brought you National Professional Filings Inc. You know the pitch...get you on board telling you about how many foundations you qualified for...put you on the phone with their director of research Tony Reyes, Jamie Seibold!

Then he gets on and its all so believable. So you write her a check or a credit card or a wire, fax it in...$1500, $1875, $2500, $3750 and the balance of the retainer to be paid after the first $100, 000.00. You get a call from someone asking you questions they call a 'profile' Then you hear from no one until about 3-4 weeks later. Then you get a call from a liason for the company who tells you that they have a foundation ready to cut you a check BUT they need $9500. to do a community impact study or to make you a non profit. Sound familar. I'm sure it does. It's all the same scam. Don't do it!!

If you think their client base is unhappy, you should hear from their ex-employees who found out about ripping off the general public, hated it, quit and can't get paid what they are owed for hours worked. More innocent people taken advantage of. They can't pay their employees who help them steal...how are they ever gonna assist in getting you a grant. Look up a business license for them????? No license, they operate under a different name, they claim to be in Henderson but they are really located 3075 E FLAMINGO, STE 113B...THEY ARE A BUNCH of preditors taking advantage of innocent people who most are just trying to keep their business going.
D  27th of May, 2009 by 
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I can't say that I agree. I am a client of theirs, I have been working with them for several months now and was recently funded almost the entire amount I was requesting. They are still matching me with foundations.
I have been very satisfied with the professionalism and turn around time of this company. I was funded quicker than expected, even my representitive agreed that the funding came through quickly in comparison to other companies.
I have reffered several friends and small business owners to this company who are also in the process and doing just fine. I believe that everyone is entitled their own opinion and my opinion is that they are a good company and willing to work with their clients, even during this economic downturn.
Sorry to hear such a negative comment about this company. Best of luck to you.
D  27th of May, 2009 by 
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Am I? I do apologize Yoeddie but I do not spend my entire day on the internet in hopes of someone writing a comment. I am a business woman with better things to do with my time, that does NOT make me a liar.
You seem bitter Yoeddie. Who is GBF? That is not the company I am working with. How would you like me to post proof? What is it that you would like to know? Fill me in and I will be happy to submit "proof".
N  25th of Aug, 2009 by 
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Fuk dis b i t c h yo eddie. I got a good ho waitin for ya.
N  27th of Aug, 2009 by 
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N  28th of Aug, 2009 by 
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