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Wirlpool Fridge / Very bad experience with Wirlpool products & people...

1 India

Dear Mr. Rathor,

I am living in Delhi & purchased Whirlpool - 340 ltr. 2 door fridge from Tribhuvan Enterprises (seconds) for our faridabad flat.

Tribhuvan Enterprises person have given commitment that seconds means that only body is damaged & if there is any manufacturing defect they send the same back to the factory.

I trusted him as he was a Whirlpool face for me & I my self had faith in the products but shocking that Whirlpool person have sold me a manufacturing defected unit & no one is there who is listing….!!!!

This is not accepted from a well know brand like Whirlpool.

Details on how Whirlpool people have fooled me:

· I have purchased Whirlpool Fridge (340 Ltr) dated 10/05/07 Book NO. 35 Serial No. 1712

· From Whirlpool Tribhuvan Enterprises I have got service center number – 4053926 – 27 / [protected]

· They have send the person & the person said there is no issue fridge is running fine.

· They I have got other number i.e. [protected] they have send the person & changed the compressor but there was a noise as if fridge is breading (choke type) person name was Mahinder.

· This fridge was not cooling then I call on [protected] & asked to speak with senior person then after a long wait Manish Sani interacted but till date he is not able to give any solution.

· Then Manish Sani send the person on Friday morning but that person was not ready to listing to our problem & in return told us that this fridge is fine & went back (don’t remember the person name)

· Then again I made a call back to Manish Sani told the behavior of this person he arranged Ahmad & this person have come in the evening & said that there is a major chock & person who have fit compressor have not filled complete gas.

· Ahmad committed that he will come now on Saturday (17/11/07) in the morning 10 AM but I have to reminder again to Manish that your person have not reach then Ahmad have come. Now this person have opened every thing he can & the result was that fridge was not started.

Now in the evening on Saturday (17/11/07) they have taken the fridge to the workshop….!!!

I have give so many calls to Manish but he never called back at lest one person have given his mobile no. & was able to speak with him in the evening & I have told him that give me a new unit as this was a defected unit even if you want take a different unit at lest live up to Whirlpool standard. He said tomorrow morning by 11 AM I will have the answer but again I have given him a call today at 12 as he never picked his mobile…….

Now do u think that Whirlpool have this standard ???

I want this fridge to be changed as there is manufacturing defect & that is the company fault not of customer.

We have brought Whirlpool product thinking they have good products & services but what I have got till day is not at all accepted from a company like Whirlpool….!!!

I don’t know who will be able to help me out on this….

I am coping this email to media also so, that they can at lest inform customers what Whirlpool have done to us……!!!

Harminder Singh

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