Winston Manor Dental OfficeBad dental work and over-recommendation of crowns

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My husband and I started going to this dentist about five or six years ago, on the recommendation of a good friend of ours who had trouble with his teeth, and thought he was getting good treatment and service. The office is truly lovely, the staff is friendly, and everything seems JUST FINE. Little did I know that they are playing a dangerous game, and both my husband and I were their targets. First of all, I went into the office TELLING them that I suspected I had a huge abcess on my right jaw (I'd had x-rays taken by a medical doctor, but never received the results from HIM EITHER.) TWO YEARS LATER, the people at Winston told me they had found the abcess. Thank GOD they referred me to an oral surgeon who referred me to a local state-run hospital/dental practice, where I finally got this major health issue resolved. THEN, I find out a few years later that Winston Dental did a root canal on my husband that was incomplete. It got seriously infected, and cost us about $4K to get it repaired. My husband had shoulder replacement surgery also about 5 years ago, and ANY infection is life-threatening. We also got quite a number of crowns recommended to us - and not knowing that they were running a scam, we agreed to three, four, or five apiece (I don't even remember how many they did on me, but it was a lot). After the debacle with the abcess, I felt I could not trust them, and somehow found another dentist, who is fortunately conservative, honest, and great about saying what must be done and what can wait. If anyone has any information about poor service they received from Winston Manor Dental, I would very much like to hear from you asap. I am putting together a file of my experiences. If we stick together, maybe we can do something about these people.

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      Jun 21, 2009

    I think you are creating problems where none exist. Root canals DO fail and that is not always the fault of the dentist.
    Just because you had a root canal that failed and you had some crowns done is not cause for "doing something about these people".
    Have you talked with them?
    It will be only too easy to find a lawyer who will take your money to find fault with this group only to find that not everything is perfect every time.

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