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I deposited 3 times at winpalace casino in early July. At the beginning of august my bank account is suddenly overdrawn. I immediately called and cancelled my debit card. My bank statement had 3 charges that went through on august 1, but were supposedly charged July 3, and 5. I tried to contact the name listed as the visa server on my bank statement but the phone number was no good and i couldn't find anything with the name. I finally narrowed down it was winpalace casino. I called them and asked for the correct phone number for visa service provider that they go through. I was told they didn't have a number for them.See Top 10 Worst Companies in California, MDI explained my situation, and the person i was talking to confirmed i had only deposited 3 times, but there were 6 charges on my bank statements from this same company, and when i printed up my transaction history from the casino there were also 6 deposits i supposedly made, and none of the dates matched up with the ones on my bank statement. I logged into the casino a few hours after my phone conversation with them and went to live chat. The person i chatted with told me "of coarse i cant find the company because it wasn't a real name, it was a made up name that they use to disguise it as an online casino. She then asked me to send management my bank statements so they could give me back the money. I told her no. I have a transcript of this chat. I then contacted my bank and filed a report, but my bank (Wells fargo) made the decision that they were my charges. They never asked for a copy of the transcript or anything. I requested a copy of the documents they used to come to their decision, which i was told in a letter from them i had a right to. The person i talked to said i would receive them in a couple of days via postal service. I am still waiting, that was over a month ago. So i guess in a way i am making a complaint against 2 companies, winpalace casino and wells fargo.

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      Oct 14, 2013
    United States

    I deposited money two times into WINPLACE CASINO. A week later my bank calls informing me that I do not have funds to cover anymore transactions and proceeds to tell me that my checking account has been drained. My banker printed out the transaction history so I could see the withdrawls. I was floored. I am 100% sure this is WINPALACE doing this because I NEVER use this card EXCEPT for these two times!!! I shredded my bank card and chose to have my account frozen. The bank is now conducting an investigation into this. Interestly, a few days later I receive a letter from my bank declining my Visa Platinum card applicatoin. I NEVER FILLED OUT AN APPLICATION! Bank is taking this pretty serious and turned this matter over to the identity theft department. So, my bank account is froze, the bank is investigating, I contacted Equifax and reported all of this to the police department. WARNING DO NOT USE WINPALACE CASINO! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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