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Barry Cornwell Sept 19 201432 Davis creswpg, mbr3k-0v4204 889-9365barryc.[protected] Hello This is my full story of the major rip off and scam by WINNIPEG SUPPLY. In the first week of june 2014 my furnace stopped working for no reason to me. also my air cond was hardly working at all by barely blowing out room temp air only. I could not see why. So I called WINNIPEG SUPPLY at [protected] and made an appointment to have a service man come look at my furnace first. A service man named Gary his service number is [protected] came to my house on june 11 2014 at 12:41 pm. Gary's ticket number is 0214885. customer number is 45203. Gary went to my furnace and took off the cover and looked at it from 3 feet away and instantly said its my main control board, Gary said a new one is $800.00 and it would be better to put the money into a new one since mine is 21 yrs old. Gary also stated to always call him only because all there other serviceman are just trainees. Thats a Quote by Gary exactly. I said sure ok believing him, kind of, Gary then said he would call his friend the salesman and set up an appointment. A salesman named Dustin Ready ph [protected], came right away. We sat at the kitchen table and he threw me his sales pitch about their furnaces. I then told him whats going on with my air cond and he said they all do that at that age, Dustin said they get weak and don't blow cold air any more and that I would need a new one. I believed him and said to also give me a price on a new air cond. So then I told him I am disabled on on low income and if their were any hydro programs to help me. He said there's a loan program I could use and thats it. I asked Dustin what about the low income program and he said I make to much. I said but they consider your disability costs to. He said I still make to much and would not get excepted. So then right away trys to set me up with their best, most expensive furnace and air cond. The total cost would be $10.494.31. I was in shock, I can't afford nothing like that on my income, disabled and live alone. He then figured out my payment plan through Hydro and it came to close to $134.00 a month. There was no way I could afford that and told him to go a head any ways since I have to have a furnace and air cond to survive. After he left the same day I filled out the information for the low income Hydro program anyways and sent it in right away. Then for the heck of it I went downstairs to the furnace the next day, june 12 2014. I took off the cover and I thought I would move around the 6 red and black wires going into the control board and WOW...I would hold them in one position and the furnace came on...GREAT. So then I did the Red Green Duct Tape Thing and taped the wires in that position that the furnace came on...and it worked. I left it like that for 2 months and it never had a problem. But backing up to where I was. IN june 12 after I sent that hydro app, in I phoned Dustin and told him I will wait and see what hydro says first and to cancel our arrangement for now. Dustin then said they don't do that work for them because they use lower grade furnaces than Winnipeg Supply uses. He then said there would be a restocking fee. I said what for, and he said they can't use what they made for it. I told him its been less than 24 hours, how could you even of started making parts for the job. What a bunch of BULL ###. I told him I would get back to him after I here from Hydro. Dustin also stated Quote...:there repairman and installers are not as experienced as Winnipeg Supply's are and that all other serviceman don't know as much as their people...It hit me right away that just a few hours ago their top repairman stated he was the only qualified serviceman Winnipeg Suppl has and the rest are in training...SO HELL CAN A NEW TRAINEE BE THE BEST IN THE CITY COMPARED TO THOSE WHO HAVE DONE IT FOR YEARS AND YEARS... WHAT BULL ### BYDUSTIN...SCAM.. I did not tell him what I did to the furnace. Also on June `12 later that day my neighbor came over and asked whats going on, since he saw their van. I told him about the furnace and he laughed and then he looked at the air cond and saw the problem from 5 feet away. He then told me he is a 5th class power engineer, I dd not know that, so great. He came over the next day june 13 th and took it apart and showed me both screens and filters. They were caked solid with 6 years of dirt and debree. You could not even get water through it. So my neighbor had the tools to fix that and he went to it for a few hours. He then called me out to show me the air cond now and WOW it looks BRAND NEW. You could blow my breath through it now. So we tried it and geez ...its never worked better since I owned the home. It gets ice cold in here on a really hot day fast and stays at the set temp all day and night, and also it now turns off a lot to keep that temp, it never did before. It was on 24/7 and did nothing. THE TOTAL COST TO CLEAN THE AIR COND WAS $0.00. AWESOME. Dustin from Winnipeg Supply was FULL OF ### AND TRED TO RIP ME AND SCAMED ME FOR A NEW EXPENSIVE ONE. I was very mad at Dustin and did not tell him about it either. So then in august I got excepted for the low income program from Hydro and they came to my house 2 days later, about aug 30 2014. They said my furnace doesa not qualify for the program since it is a mid level furnace. That was bad news for me. I then figured since I have nothing to loose with my old furnace I would try a proper fix for it myself. It was extremely painful to get into the positions to do it but I did due to what I might save. I looked closely at the 6 wires going into the control panel and could see 3 of them were not on proper at all. So9 I killed the power to the entire house to be safe and went to work. I took off the 6 wires and cu the leads off and made new ones. ( I did this a lot in my life, so I new what I was doing) I reattached the 6 wires properly this time under the connecting bolt and tightened them firmly.. I then took off the old duct tape set up and turned the power back on. I turned the furnace on and it worked GREAT. I would then try to wiggle the 6 wires to see if I could get it to go off, but no way, it stayed on. ….AWESOME. Its now sept 19 2014 and it works great, no problems. So the cost of fixing the furnace and air cond is $0.00 instead of Winnipeg Supply's $10.494.31...UNREAL...THEY ARE THE SCAM ARTIST AND RIP OFF ARTISTS OF THE YEAR... The bill for Winnipeg Supply repairman was $111.87 Dustins bill would have been $10.494.31TRUE COSTS $0.00 I have not heard word from Winnipeg Supply as of this date sept 19 2014. I would like to see this story posted every where possible as well as in both Winnipeg Newspapers. I have given this story to the better business Bureau 2 weeks ago but no word from yet so I sent an email today sept 19 to see whats up with my story...I have also posted this on facebook and google and will post it on you tube later today. I will also put it any where, to any one I can...JUST TO WARN OTHER PEOPLE ABOUT THE RIP OFF AND SCAMING THAT WINNIPEG SUPPLY DOES TO LOW INCOME DISABLED PEOPLE. I have all the paper work from Dustin the sales man and Gary the repairman if you or any one wants to see it. I do have a fax machine(out of ink at moment but can get some). You can also talk to my neighbor about the air cond and a witness to this scam. Barry Cornwell32 Davis CresWpg, MBR3K-0V4204 889-9365barryc.[protected]@live.cacall anytime...glad to talk to any one about this except Winnipeg Supply.Thank you for reading this...Pass the story onTHE SALES MAN DUSTIN SHOULD HAVE HIS CERTIFICATE HE GAVE ME PULLED...WHAT A JOKE...OH YA...HE GAVE ME A CERTIFICATE HE GOT. The serviceman Gary should have his ticket pulled for scamming and ripping off people Gary's certificate is 0214885Winnipeg Supply should have their license pulled as well. Pst [protected] MT0001gst [protected] RT0001Please call for anything else.Barry

Sep 21, 2014

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