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1 Phoenix, AZ, United States

After almost 6 years of getting scammed by this company through sly phone calls and "grocery coupons" and "freebies" choices I finally took a loan from my 401k to pay them off once and for all., almost 900.00 dollars for three different accounts I wasn't aware of., and now they call me from an anonymous number to offer me a "final bonus" ! Subscription they called twice since I've finished paying them off, and said in order to get deleted from further calls I must accept this deal, All I had to do was pay shipppng costs., I insisted that I was promised no more calls or fees for anything and that I wanted no more subscription or ties with their company., but they are a very persistent lot, I can't even block them because now they use the no caller ID scheme to reach me!

What can I do?., change my entire bank account?, change phone numbers?, it's like I'm hiding from the mafia or something?

Oct 26, 2018

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