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Twice Freelancer has duplicated a payment I made to pay to my programmers.

Each time they took two payments then suspended my account thereby prohibiting me from paying my programmer.

Each time they attempt to make some case that I have done something wrong on the account, all the while it is a smokescreen to enable them to sit on funds not belonging to them. Twice. Once shame on you, twice shame on me. My mistake to use them again. I have four projects I sourced through their website. Four honest projects I PAID WELL for. I made no attempt to take advantage of programmer. I honestly paid each time. The last two payments will be the last two. As of now, two weeks after it has transpired, the programmer has not been paid and they deny they have the funds. An investigation by the bank proves they have the funds and yet today they lie to my face and tell me they do not.

They are the worst kind of crooks. If anyone is taking advantage of people in a bad situation, it is who has stolen payments, refused to release them to the programmer and lied consistently about it. I have in the two weeks exchanged dozens of emails with them, and the bank. STAY AWAY. They may lull you into it, as they did me with 3 projects going fine. Once in, your screwed out of your money.

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      May 29, 2012

    They did it to me, too. Luckily, I paid via Paypal. They took two $100 milestone payments and then told me I must have duplicated the payment. I strenuously denied doing so and called them thieves. The freelancer himself could only see one payment. They tried to pocket the second one - eventually saying it would be a credit on my account. Needless to say, I have filed a paypal dispute for the total (as the freelancer had not begun the work). I'm glad to see it happened to someone else so that I know I was definitely not mistaken.

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  •   Sep 26, 2014

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