Winegardner Auto SalesCustomer Service


On 06/01/09 I purchased a 2009 GMC Acadia SLT-2 from Winegarder, Prince Frederick, $51, 000 vehicle. After 2 hours in finance department and starting at a finance rate of 8.0% I was able to eventually convince them to give me a 2.9% rate. After all of this I am escorted to my new vehicle to find that it is dirtier than my trade in. The inside and out were in terrible condition. The first thing I noticed was the filthy floor mats of a vehicle with a large 26 original miles. My salesperson, Sarah agreed that they were dirty and summonsed the detail guys to rectify the problem. They immediately came to attention with two scrub buckets. I immediately asked, " Is this a new vehichle, if so shouldn't I have new floor mats?" They all stopped and just starred at each other. I decided to contact the manager Mark Richardson about the problem. He quickly stated we will order you new floormats. Still havent received due to bankruptcy and the plants being shut down. Also, due to Winegardner having many trees around the sales lot the entire vehicle had to be waxed at my request to make it presentable. During my inspection of the vehicle I noticed that the rear wiper blade was missing. The detail guy replaced this. On 06/17/09 the rear wiper was turned on for the first time and was caught near the third brake light because it was replaced with the wrong wiper blade. No problem we will run by the local Winegardner in Leonardtown. They advertize friendly southern customer service. They would be happy to replace this with the correct blade. WRONG we were told by Carla Raynor to make an appointment and come back at 0900 the next morning. Make a return trip for a wiper blade? Spend more gas than the product is worth! Auto zone even replaces them for free when you purchase from them. What happened to customer service. Could this be the reason GM is failing. I have owned nothing but GM products during my 32 years of life, My Father has owned GM products his entire life. We lost an excellent dealership with Bell Motor Company that can never be replaced. Stay away from Winegardner if you desire excellent customer service.

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