Wine Enthusiast/ decanterLied and horrible service

I ordered an expensive silver wine decanter ($300.00) for my 25th wedding anniversary on Dec. 10th. I paid $40 extra for overnight shipping, so I could assure delivery by the 20th. I received an email on the 13th that stated the item shipped. The item showed up finally at UPS shipping tracking and was actually shipped on the 16th ground and would not be received until Dec 23rd. I called customer service for the 4th time and asked them to stop delivery with UPS and they said they would and would send me a confirmation email. No email was received, so I called UPS and the package delivery was not canceled. They lied to me twice and stole $40 by sending it ground and ruined my present. In addition, they spelled my name wrong and opened a new account at Bill Me Later . I didn't know a merchant could do that. I will never do business with them again they are dishonest and are thieves. I suspect when I refuse the package they will make it hard for me to get a refund by just ignoring my disputes with the credit company. It surprises me that a company still in business these days would be so dishonest and so difficult. Thanks for nothing WINE ENTHUSIAST!

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