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Windows, sunrooms / Collected huge deposit without performing any work

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The Wordwide Windows salesman wanted a 50% deposit for the material and installation project. 10% at first then remainder 40% after measurement the next day later.

That was it, no work done and money gone. No one return phone calls, no one knows anything in the office. No one knows even if material were ordered or even the status of the contract. You have to talk to the sales guy who provided the contract but he is nowhere to be found and will not return phone calls. What a deal for collecting 50% of the money and then disappeared and play dumb.

Worldwide Windows has a nice website about how good they take care of customers. Don't need Bernie Madoff if you are taken care off like this. They are located in Pleasant Hill, Hayward, Menlo Park, San Jose, Woodland Hills, Monrovia, Costa Mesa and Gardena. Very nice big ad in the local papers and I just had a dealing with one office location but be very careful.

Only if I had read the complaint on another website on Worldwide Windows at another city, I could have saved a lot of money, frustration and time.

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  • Zo
      8th of Aug, 2009
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    Sorry for your loss. When doing a project of this size one should always research their contractor(s).

  • Fo
      20th of Aug, 2009
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    I ordered materials only from the company and didn't have this experience (though did have some issues regarding communications that were ironed out once I went directly to the owner). So, for what it is worth - I agree with the other is best to have your own contractor look into a supplier first as there are no freebies in this market...

  • Ro
      28th of Aug, 2009
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    By California law a window company can only collect 10% when contract is signed in someones home. When they measure they collect 40%. If you sign in a showroom then the 10% doesn't apply. They can collect 100% if they wanted. This is pretty much standard in today's economic climate. The windows and doors are custom built to your houses current window openings. The windows can't be resold so they have to collect 50% just in case they never collect the other 50% because you lose your job or can’t pay. The only way to collect if someone doesn’t pay is to put a mechanic’s lien on their home. Getting 50% up front saves the company from having to lien homeowners houses if the job never gets installed.

    The window Worldwide Window is selling is named Polybau Windows. Polybau Windows are a small vinyl window manufacturer that sells mostly to Worldwide Windows, AllBrand Windows, and The Window Broker. AllBrand Windows and The Window Broker have gone bankrupt. Worldwide is the new name of the same company. Looks like Worldwide Windows is opening up in mostly in the same locations in California as AllBrand Windows was. They are selling the same window called Polybau Windows. Information about Polybau, AllBrand Windows, The Window Broker and Worldwide Windows can be see if you just search these words on the internet. Do your homework and make sure you get whatever the salesman said in writing. Also in-home salesman in California need to be licensed so make sure you ask to see their in-home sales license.

  • Ki
      29th of Aug, 2009
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    No contractor license number shown on the contract and the number provided by Worldwide Windows afterward did not do business with them. Company rep. did not provide registration number on the contract either.

    Worldwide Windows, Inc. will be or is under investigation by the Contractors State License Board. A-Tech Industries, Inc. who said they manufacture the Polybau line indicated Polybau had not paid them on the order of $400k and also owes California big time back state taxes. Polybau and Worldwide Windows are in bed together or one and the same. Into the mix is Prima Products, Inc. who shares the same address as Polybau and Worldwide Windows. What is it with Prima Products, Inc.? One site said they manufacture windows and another site said furniture.

    Once Worldwide Windows goes under they just change to a different name, leaving us holding the bag, and keep on doing what they do best. Looks like Polybau may go under too. Have been told the owner pockets the money and part of the sales force kept in the dark and had not been paid for weeks.

    Should have raised red flags for collecting so much money up front. Company name may change but the cast of characters is the same as well as the methodology in separating the hard earned money from you.

    Google Polybau, Allbrand Windows, Worldwide Windows, Prima Products, Inc. for more information. Surprised the name of my sales rep. turns out in a few places on the complaint boards, none had any good remarks.

  • Ra
      8th of Sep, 2009
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    Many companies close or file for bankruptcy due to changing economic times and some re-emerge as new organizations due to consolidations or mergers. The Polybau brand is owned by Prima Productcs Inc and has been sold in California for many years. Its 100, 000 sq. ft factory in Tracy, CA had a rated production capacity of 9, 000 windows per month and sold through dealers and marketing companies as Allbrand Windows, Allbrand Windows & Fashions, Window Broker and recently, Worldwide Windows. However, the manufacturing facility for Polybau has been taken over by A-Tech Industries, Inc. (see Since the Polybau brand is owned by Prima Products, A-Tech Industries use other codes for its windows as S-400 flat frame with 3 1/4" thick uPVC or unplasticized polyvinyl chloride from Rehau of Germany with steel reinforced sash and 8-sloping chambers, S-500 with loe-e3, argon gas and thicker glass, etc. A-Tech Industries also carries sunrooms.

    All previous Polybau orders are now being serviced by A-Tech Industries. These companies are run by good, hard working, well educated businessmen. One of the Managing Partners of A-Tech Industries used to be the CEO of Penny Saver and brings a lot of advertising experience to the group.

    Allbrand Windows, Window Broker and Allbrand Windows & Fashions may have closed there doors for now but not one of their customers have failed to receive their windows. Check with Better Business Bureau for complaints and their final resolution. Worldwide Windows has nothing to do with these other marketing companies and should not be misconstrued as being one and the same. Employees who may have worked with the above companies and have nothing else to accomplish have the right to vent their emotions. So do customers who are disgruntled or have valid remarks to say. It would also be nice to know when customers got their windows and were very pleased with their orders. Sad to say, good things are never mentioned by customers and do not make good news. Somehow we live in an environment where bad news and snide comments are more exciting to read. The challenge is in knowing the false, fraudulent and forced defamation comments that are fodder for the lawyers. So, if you are missing a window (s), ask for a refund or cancell your credit card payment or else file a case with the small claims court

    Customers must be aware that two warranties are being provided for windows. The first warranty is a material warranty provided by the manufacturer which covers the product frames for cracking, peeling, flaking, fading, discoloration, corrossion and internal condensation for 10-20 years depending on each manufacturer. The second warranty is a labor warranty that covers installation and service issues within one year for minor leaks. Screens and screen frames are service maintenance issues that can be handled by your handyman or home owners themselves using a roller (about $ 2-5 from Walmart or Home Depot) to re-attach the rubber string that holds the screen in the groove. Screens will vary in price per yard or per foot depending for aluminum screens or fiberglass (gray, charcoal or biege color).

    Broken window energy efficient double pane glass can be re-ordered from the manufacturers or local window glass providers. For more information on which windows to choose, refer to ( National Fenestration and Rating Council) for energy efficient windows or for Federal tax rebate guidelines (about 30% rebate on materials for windows). To qualify for your window rebate talk to your tax accountant how to claim the rebate and check for window companies in your locality approved for the rebate program. Window companies must show that they produce energy efficient windows with u-value of 0.30 or lower and solar heat gain coefficient (SGHC) of 0.30 or lower. Adding argon gas (an inert colorless and odorless gas placed in between the double glass panes) can bring down the u-value and SHGC values for the window. However, argon gas can dissipate overtime. Customer must ask their chosen window company whether they replenish or reload argon gas after 5-10 years.

    Remove the stickers from the windows as they are being installed and keep these as proof of having installed energy efficient windows. If you lose your window stickers, ask the the manufacturer for a job confirmation sheet that show.

    Warranties have their limits and so do us people with limited life spans. Even marriages have no guarantees for success, so do companies.

  • N1
      29th of Apr, 2010
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    They are now called "Pacific Coast Windows"...they are horrible to there vendors & have NO respect to return or acknowledge calls. They owe us thousands of dollars in janitorial services & I KNOW we are not the only company who is looking for payment from them. I hope they get caught for what they are putting people & there businesses though. Good luck to you all!!!

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