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On October 12th, 2011, I bought a BlackBerry phone from Wind. I have been always getting message from my phone “Wind away”. If I move one corner to another corner of a room, the phone message shows as “Wind away” and if I travel by car in Scarborough area, I never get line connection and phone message always displays “wind away”. I had contacted the Customer Service Dept. and was advised to take out the battery and put it back again. I did as per advice; however, I was still having the same problem and to make it worse, I am being charged hundreds of dollars for roaming in my Home zone and phone displays Wind away. I had called so many times and had complained to the Wind Customer Service. They told me they will have to investigate and it would take 3 to 4 days. After 4 days, I called again, and then they told me I don’t have to pay the roaming charges and that all the roaming charges I was billed for will be credited back into the account. However, this was never carried out. As a result, I had decided to cancel the plan effective December 19, 2011. Now I received letter from Credit bureau for $420.54 to be pay for roaming charge. I don't know what to about this. I called the customer service, they said nothing they could do, refused to remove the charges. I don't know who can help me to remove this charges.

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      18th of Feb, 2015

    Before you decide to sign up with WIND MOBILE, please take my advice as well as the advice of all of the others who have posted complaints on this forum. BEWARE of this horrendous company. If you sign up with them, expect the same inevitable negative experience described by many others on this forum, poor coverage and the same incredibly horrible customer service for which WIND MOBILE has become notorious. You will inevitably experience some type of problem with WIND MOBILE and subsequently, you will experience an army of appalling unprofessional sales and customer service puppets of the head office who systematically and deliberately choose to evade or ignore your problems instead of fixing them. When you deal with WIND MOBILE, you will feel like you are dealing with the Italian mafia or a bunch of thugs in a street deal gone bad. When you experience a problem with WIND MOBILE, and there is an extremely high probability that you will, based on the evidence that has been posted by the victims on this forum as well as other forums, you will deal with a literally corrupt gang of shady crooks who are void of professionalism and who operate with a "bully" mentality. This kind of extraordinary bullying of the customer is not surprising though when you take into consideration that WIND MOBILE is presided by an Italian, Anthony Lacavera, explaining the roots of why one feels as a customer, like they are doing business with the mafia. The general negative experience that customers are describing in dealing with WIND MOBILE can further be explained by the fact that many of the executive positions of the company are held by Egyptians, Pakistanis and other foreign individuals from third world dictatorship regions of the world. Also, they are known to have been financed by shady foreign investors, again from notoriously corrupt regions such as Russia. This explains why WIND MOBILE's attitude towards the customer is of a bullying and dictatorial nature. Their policies are made by these shady corrupt bullying figures who have a third world mentality and now are doing their business in Canada with the same type of dictatorship and mafia like tactics that are the norm in their own third world countries. Therefore, Canadians need to be aware of this very corrupt entity known as WIND MOBILE. I only seek to warn unsuspecting customers to stay clear of them to avoid a whole lot of inconvenience and frustration. The only other thing I have observed in discussions with many of the victims of WIND MOBILE's bullying is that the companies sales and customer service representatives, as I said previously, operate very unprofessionally and consequently, WIND MOBILE is violating the regulatory codes of the CRTC left and right on a regular basis. Therefore, if you have to sue them, in most cases you will have a wealth of violations to use as as evidence against them. All being said, there are other cell phone providers out there and no matter which one you choose, it would be a great choice compared to WIND MOBILE. You have been warned by a fellow Canadian who is sincerely concerned about your rights as a consumer in this country and by someone who is tracking WIND MOBILE's every move.

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