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I worked with Julie 2 sessions awhile ago. It has taken me awhile to decide whether to write this, and I feel I must. I called and also wrote to Julie previously that I was upset and dissatisfied with the services she provided. I asked for some sort of a refund and she never responded. The reason I wanted the refund is a legitimate one.
I came to her with a problem I was having that definitely had connection to soul/spirit roots and should have AT LEAST been identified by her. I had been psychically attacked by a person with entities and was enmeshed by dark energies. She saw nothing of this at all. Did not identify it as such, even though I said I felt energies come at me from the person. I even had a number of soul pieces of her in me, I found out later. I am upset because she could have at least identified what happened to me, and had no idea. Newsflash:This is one of the reasons Shamans came to be! It is one of the reasons I went to her, only to pay 80-90 dollars an hour for 4 hours total for next to nothing back. That is nonsense, and she could of had the heart to send me some money back and helped to heal the situation. Instead it's I don't care about you and get lost. That's hurtful, and I just want you to know that.

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