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Purchased products from site Nov. 16, 2008, sent check for $122.00 to Anaheim address which was cashed on Dec. 1, 2008. Contacted Devon Mazure, owner, via email regarding order on 12/3/08. Received email on 12/4/08 stating something was on back order but expected in a week. Have tried to contact D.Mazure via email ([protected] and phone several times since then regarding order or refunding my money and all attempts to get a response have failed. D.Mazure has not answered my email or phone inquiries and has my $122.00. As of this date 1/4/09 I have not received my merchandise and they have my $122.00.


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      Jul 24, 2009

    With every business things can happen from time to time.
    Evelyn Pignataro was refunded in full for her order. It's nice how people are so quick to discredit a business but make no effort to let the public know the issue was resolved.


    Dear Evelyn Pignataro,

    I apologize for your order and the troubles we had with it.
    I will be closing this order out as delivered with this note that you were refunded in full.

    Thank You.

    Cashiers Check sent Jan 20th 09 for Full Refund $122.00

    Label/Receipt Number: [protected]
    Status: Delivered

    Your item was delivered at 11:40 AM on January 23, 2009 in FORT LAUDERDALE, FL 33309.

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      Aug 19, 2010

    I have also been ripped off by Devon Mazure and his little 'business',
    It happened already in 2008 and I tried to get my money back through paypal, as the seller was no longer responding to me directly (and still does'nt).

    Paypal tried to retrieve the money (one time), could not retrieve anything from a cleared account ...and for them that was basically the end of the story and about everything they were willing to do for me. (Let this be a warning for anyone stupid enough to use Paypal for non-ebay transactions! If something goes wrong, you're on your own. NO help!)

    As a customer from outside of the U.S. my further legal options were basically none. All I was left with, was to warn others they might not meet the same fate I have met (See also my story on /link removed/

    Since then Mr. Mazure has several times tried to repair his reputation online by posting statements of alleged refunds done to me. Off course I have never received a single penny back! And, quite contrary to what he has posted here, in my case he has also never been able to produce any receipt or proof for any refund.

    His latest effort is to state that I am not even a real person, but just someone out to harm his business and ruin his good reputation.

    I am very real as the money stolen from me was!!!

    So, any international customer should be warned. This business is a scam and Mr. Mazure is a thief.
    U.S. customers he obviously no longer dares to rip-off, as they might take legal action against him. Nevertheless I would advice anyone: Do not order! DO NOT SUPPORT A CROOK!


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      Aug 19, 2010


    Yes, It's me Devon the crook as you so kindly put it.

    It's funny to think that someone could honesty try to have others believe that
    I'm in business to rip people off on low cost items like this. The few people that were effected during that same time were refunded & that includes you.

    I mean at this point part of me would like to send it out to you again & this time maybe by MoneyGram so you will have to show ID in order to claim it unlike before. But I refuse to buy into your little scam for more $ out of me.

    I'm wondering how many people believe this story of yours, why would I want to single you out Hans?
    Like I said before, I can't stop you from posting these types of BOGUS ALERTS.

    Please take your time to read all of Hans postings & make your own decision. If you were ripped off for $100.00 would you spend the rest of your life trying to make someone out to be a thief .

    Find a new Hobby Hans, like I said before you were refunded, you know you were refunded.
    So give it a rest.

    Look for more of Hans bogus postings on sites similar to this.

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      Aug 20, 2010

    Well Devon Mazure,

    If you are not a liar why can you not post ANY proof of ANY refund you have done towards me???? Please explain.

    You obviously could here for this other customer. So, why not for me???? I tell you why...Because you simply kept the money!!!

    Why would you also otherwise refrain completely from taking a personal contact with me to get this issue resolved???? I recon that might also be in you interest, as you claim to have refunded me more than once. I did not get any money...not a penny! So, you really might want to retrieve it, right??? Or not????

    But I guess some refund that has never been sent can also not be retrieved.

    I am not BOGUS an anyone reading this here is very welcome to get in touch with me to get the full and personal story about my experience with .

    You have lied to me...You stole my money...and now you are trying to provoke me even further.

    You and you little business have swindled me out of my money, because you could. You have not refunded me, because you think I cannot legally get to you. At least not as long as we're talking about a small sum of money. Taking that to an international court will really not be worth the effort, right?

    I really have better things to do than fighting over a 130 bucks, but I WILL NOT let a thief like you just get away with it and in the future harm even more people.

    That is why I am still here to warn others! And I will NOT stop!!!

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