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Hello my name is Amanda.
I was with my family at your winco store #0101 and had the cashier Joanne J. on 05/03/17 at 19:20:14 hours on term # 13. I purchased quite a few items but made sure every item was as low of priced as we are low on funds until the 10th. Particularly one item we were well over charged for. I had purchased the broccoli soup from the deli which was only 1.98 and the cashier twice out the wrong code in, it wasn't until later I got home after putting the kids to bed did I realize I didn't even get my soup, but when I checked the receipt it says she charged me 12.98 for the item. I see again she put the wrong code in and I'm assuming the soup got left at checkout. I am seeing how I can get this resolved as it is too late for me to get to the store tonight and I've tried calling, but it is past hours as the recording said.

WinCo Foods
WinCo Foods

May 04, 2017
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  • Ja
      Jun 27, 2017

    Well, you paid for it with food stamps and WIC, so who's money is really getting wasted???

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  • Aa
      Feb 22, 2018

    @Jane83815 Wow. You're a real [censor], Jane83815.

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  • Am
      Jun 04, 2019

    @Jane83815 First they wouldn’t allow me to call to address the issue, I had to file a public statement to them. I never thought this would be posted.I have three kids and work and was struggling. I relinquish my tax refund at the end of the year in it’s entirety including all of my child’s dependent tax credit which would’ve been over 4, 000 so actually I paid for my own food Since I’m a taxpayer myself not including the couple extra thousand and I paid on top of it with my tax refund. And when you say who’s money is really getting wasted? Wouldn’t it be my obligation to get this addressed so tax payer money is not being wasted?? That was my dinner for the night and I didn’t get to eat you’re a real piece of work aren’t you. and just to be clear you cannot pay with food stamps or WIC for hot food items that was my own cash. WIC is at women infants and children and those WIC checks were for my children. Thankfully I’m in a position where I can help people now but I wouldn’t have been able to unless I reached out for help. That’s what these programs are here for not people like you attacking and harassing single moms, You are the reason mothers let their kids starve because they’d rather avoid being attacked for reaching out for help

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