Wimpy / racist treatment at the kollonade branch of wimpy

Kolonnade, ZA

I was at the wimpy in kollonade on the 24th November 2017 and ordered the special so I ate and requested to take my left over food home and was told by the manager that it is againt the t.c's to have a doggy bag. When I asked where the t&c's was documented or displayed he said i must go outside the store as it's only displayed at the one site, so I asked for a picture the of the fine print and he rolled his eyes and stormed off irritated! Then asked my bill be brought to me, no other communication further. ...I would never advice anyone to come to this place!!! The owner was called to resolve the situation to my surprise the owner said i should speak to the area manager who is 'a Xhosa' and maybe I'll understand better. He also allowed his manager to scream at me saying it's typical that I failed to read the T&C's that's when I retorted that it's racist to assume and say what she said the owner didn't even flinch .so I assume the treatment is common at Wimpy.

Nov 25, 2017

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