Wim ElectroFraud

On September 22, 2007 I sent 1339.00usd to Rusdi Martin Hutapea Jl Garu 2B no.41 Medan 20147 Sumatera Utara Indonesia for three LC32D62U Sharp TV's listed at Wim Electro at 408.00usd each. Shipping was quoted at 115.00usd I talked to Anto Siregar (the sales rep at Wim Electo ) As of October 18, 2007 I haven't heard from either of them. When I later checked on how much it would cost to send via UPS I came up with 1093.91usd (that is 963.80usd plus 130.11usd fuel surcharge) I wish I knew this before I sent them my info as of 10-26-2007 Indojayagallery and wimelectro are both operated by Rusdi Martin Hutapea. As of October 28, 2007 still no TV's
As of November 6, 2007 there are at least 16 websites associated with Wim Electro. They are:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and Do we need to
send a letter to every one of these sites? I'm not finished, theres more,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and finally, mie2!.com. :whip:


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