Wilson Loan HomeLoans for transfer fee


I am So sorry to hear what happened that's why I entrusted in a law firm to get my Modification done.Luckily i got in contact with a private Lender based in London and after i applied, They walked me through every step of the process from start to finish, I was very fortunate to find such a wonderful person to work with.
When they first told me that i have to send in 10% of the loan amount as security, i was sceptical and so decreased my loan to 5k and sent them 500 you can imagine how i felt when i checked my account on Thursday and the money was there!
If I may recommend, I would give them a call, i got my loan in 3 days and anytime I had a question they were very responsive in getting right back to me. Its unfortunate there are so many bad company's out there, If anyone comes across any other bad companies please post because no one deserves to get their money nor house taken from them.
You can contact the lender [protected]

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