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I have got myself a serious problem with someone from overseas. His name is
Wilson McDonads, he has already been reported as a scammer but when I told him this, he said it was someone else using his name. The information I gave him said that the Wilson Lending Institute was really a british law firm. I placed an add on go4*******.com asking for 35 million from an investor to help me start a busisness. He is now asking for about 3, 000 dollars USD and this was after I told him that I have no money. After trying to negoziate with him he is still asking for the money, he then said that I should borrow it from someone and I told him that I cannot do it because I need a signed document from him stating that he will send me my funds once he has been payed and that I would be able to payback the guy who loaned out the 3, 000 right away. After asking for that document and sending him a second email asking him where my document was, this is the email he sent me.

Tel: +[protected]
MOTTO: We render the best services.

Attn: (I am censoring my name),

Your mail was received and I am not in a position to send you what you are requesting.I have done my best for trying to lend you the large sum you are seeking and if really you are serious in working with us, You will find a way yourself to get back to us with our requirement so that we can proceed.

You are only making us see that you are not serious by wanting us to do everything for you.The only help we can render to you now is to accept part payment from you and after you have received the loan you will complete the payment.

If we must proceed with you, You are to get back to us with the required charges installmentally on two installment.You will get back to us with half of the required charges and the other half after receiving ******* from us.

This is the much we can do for you and if you really are serious and really need this ******* you would definately not have any problem doing this.

Awaiting your response.


Wilson McDonads.:END:

Now if you believe this guy is a scammer then tell me, but if you believe he is honest then how should I ask for?

If you ask me if a lender is asking for money then don't deal with him, let whatever fees that need to be payed come out of your loan and then send it is to be sent to you.

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