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Wilshire Credit / Fraud alert

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In 1996 My husband and I was on our way to the beach pulling our travel trailer for our anniversary and I had just lost both my parents within 3 1/2 months. We had always wanted a place at the beach where we vacationed and on our way down there was a bad electrical storm and we pulled into a rest area to wait it out. The Lighting was so bright, the outside lights went out. A Rainbow came up In front of our truck after midnight. Never had we seen a Rainbow at night! We could not believe our eyes, The Rainbow went over into the woods towards the ocean. After the storm had died down we pulled out heading for the beach we didn't get there until after 3 am and we slept late that morning. While my husband was shaving I decided to go to the sales office and get a sales sheet for sales at this resort. The Sales sheet had a lot on it that we always wanted. A little old man had for years with his wife that died. It had just been put on the sales sheet. we thought he may have died! We were the first ones to look at the little 1977, 35ft. travel trailer with a screened in porch and a small bedroom with a hole in the floor..But, we wanted it! We went to the office and paid our down payment and we now owned a place at the beach!

For three years we kelp the place just as it was until we decide to build a house at the beach.

We designed it ourselves and we were standing in the stairwell before the windows were put in the house and I said it looks to dark in the stairs I said. I want to put a window in the stairwell! It was not to late and I bought a octagon window with a Schooner Ship in it! I also bought two doors that was just like the front door to go in our kitchen that had gold lead, like stain glass and was almost straight across from the front door. Never would I have ever believed that after our house was finished we would have a Rainbow in our house every day when the sun went down. It started in the rest area, A Rainbow in front of our truck and now a Rainbow in our house every day! When the sun goes down, the sun comes through the ships window in the stairwell and shows a Rainbow around a ship on the wall in the stairwell! Also a Rainbow on the walls, the floor, all around the kitchen and the living room wall!

We names the house "GODS WILL" on the road side and the back of our house!

The front side of the house faces the lake and ocean.

My husband put my name on the right side "SHASACK" after my name!

The Rest Of Our Story!

My husband and I built a house in a resort only a few hundred yards from the ocean. It was only a small lot, and when we bought the right to lease the property the lot lease was only $24, 000 and $2, 400 a year in 1996. We had mortgage our 70 year old house that was paid for to build our house at the beach..(Big Mistake)! I was working and making good money and at the time we didn't think we would have any problems. Later that year I was injured on my job and had surgery. I had hoped that the surgery would have helped me and I could go back to work, but the damage was bad and I was always in chronic pain. I had to retire from a hard but great paying job. We had started our house and had no idea that the bank that gave us the money to purchase the lease would not loan us more money to finish our beach home, but they stopped loaning on leased property. The loan we got from our older home was not enough value to get more money. The only loan we could get was 10% interest on our beach house and to pay all off and we had to take it to finish our beach house.

That is how we came in contact with (Wilshire Credit), Our loan was bought by Wilshire Credit in 2005 right after our home was refinanced. We never missed a payment until the economy had gotten so bad in the summer of 2007, and our lease went up every year and this year 2009 of all years, it went up 6%! We are now paying almost $6, 000 a year just in land lease and our mortgage with Wilshire is $1, 500 a month for our home. We got behind on our house payment and unless I could pay it all Wilshire would not take a dime. I mailed Wilshire almost $4, 000 cashiers check on our house because they would not take it over the phone and it was mailed back to me. Every month I tried to get Wilshire to take my money but Wilshire refused and we just got further and further behind until I was afraid that we would lose our home and we moved our personal items out to rent our house out in the summer months so we could get caught up. Wilshire served foreclosure papers on us last summer and we went to the court house and told Wilshires Attorneys and the Court that we tried to pay Wilshire and they refused our payments. We told the Attorneys/Court all about our "RAINBOW" in our home and I offered Wilshire Credit $16, 000 plus a $1, 383.00 payment all in August last year and Wilshire said if we could pay that amount they wanted, we could save our home. Thank God, I prayed and asked God What I need to do, and "GOD'S WILL" That the Lord told me to rent my home so we could save it! We paid Wilshire Credit over $17, 383 last year in August and if we had not rented out our house we would have lost it! Wilshire set us up on a forbearance agreement with my house payments of $1, 385. We liked One payment until that would have been a year and when I called Wilshire Credit to make the 12th payment, Wilshire refused it! why?

Wilshire told me that they was going to set me up with a loan modification from the government that would make our house payments go down almost $500 a month and Wilshire told me to send them my bank statements and our income amounts and all my bills for the month. I ask Wilshire to still take my payment while Wilshire was working on the loan modification and Wilshire still refused! I mailed Wilshire everything that they wanted and About 2 weeks later I received a letter from Wilshire thanking me and that they would get back with me on the Government (Hope) hope loan and that was in July 2009. Well, Wilshire called me back and said that I was not approved for the Government (Hope) Loan or for theirs (Wilshire's) loan modification! Wilshire said that I was not approved and that I needed to get my house refinanced with someone else because (I didn't make enough money to make my house payments)? I said, I have been paying you (Wilshire) on time for the last 11 months and your telling me that I can't afford to make my house payments? Also my house was valued at $307, 000, in 2005 and that was just the house and not the lot! The lot lease was valued at over $130, 000 on the lake and only a few hundred yards from the Atlantic Ocean!

Wilshire said that my house no longer was appraised at the $307, 000, but down to less than $225, 000! Wilshire said that my house was to be sold the first of September 2009. Wilshire said that IF I paid (2) payments a month that I could keep making my payments! I said, you (Wilshire) just said that I could not afford to make my house payments, but your telling me to make 2 payments a month would save my house? Wilshire refused to take my house payment again, I told Wilshire that they had put on my credit report that my house was a (charge-off). Another of my creditors told me that Wilshire Credit listed my home as (charged-off) on my Credit Report and I sent Wilshire a copy of it. This was while I was making payments on time. I have an Attorney that has called Wilshire Credit Corporation several times and Wilshire will not return his calls and he also has faxed (Wilshire) and they still will not responded to him.

I want to keep my house at the beach, because the 70 year old house we have needs more work than we can afford to spend until we sell the beach house. Also my husband had cancer this year in his colon and we had to stay in Greenville because of his surgery at the hospital and Carolina Cancer Center Treatment Centers of The Carolina. The tumor in his colon was the size of a lemon that our doctor found in April of this year when he had a colonoscopy. I almost passed out when the doctor told me and the doctor had to catch me. We rushed to Greenville where we are from, because we have family that works in the Cancer Center there. My mother died from Liver cancer October 1995. My husbands surgery was on April 28th and he was given morphine for pain and he could not take that medicine and before I could get the doctors to change the pain pump he got pneumonia. I had to change his pillow 6 times in one night he sweat so much. My husband had to be rushed to ICU because his heart rate was 147 and his oxygen was 60 and it should have been 90! The Doctors thought he may have had a heart attack, or a blood clot to his lung. He was in ICU for 5 days and they could not tell me if my husband was going to live! The surgery was more intense than the doctors thought because the tumor was further down towards his rectum then in the curve of his colon as the cat scan should. He had to have over 20 clamps in his stomach, from belly button down. The LORD was there with his Doctors, because the test didn't show any more cancer outside the tumor! What a Miracle!, Thank The Lord!! We have been truly Blessed! There were so many people praying for him and we are so thankful! We have had a really hard year and I don't know what else to do but this! To write this message about what we have been going through. We moved into a mobile home for the summer. We rented out our house at the beach while we were in Greenville for his surgery to help pay for those bills. We have had enough health problems plus worrying about Wilshire Credit trying to take our home! Wilshire was getting their money every month without it being late! One more month and it would have been 1 full year of payments on time and now Wilshire say that I owe Lawyers fees? Wilshire said last August and they would set us up with another loan modification when I can prove that I can keep making my house payments and that is what I did! We only owe $185, 000 and my house is valued at almost $450, 000 on this lot.

In 2004 we was offered $450, 000 for our house and didn't want to sell it and now that the economy is bad, I wish that I had. Wilshire is wanting our house. As I said, I have an Attorney and Wilshire will not respond.

I will be asking him to file a Class Action Law Suit against (Wilshire Credit Corporation)!

If I had my time to go over, I would have never built a house on leased land! That was my biggest mistake! I had just lost both my mother and daddy within 3 1/2 months and wanted to get away for awhile and we rented our house out for a while and the renters damaged the house and it needs lots of work because it is over 70 years old. We are going to sell our house on the leased property asap and restore our older home and live there, I just wish it was near the beach, because it is paid for.

I hate to have to sell my home because I know God did proved us this home for as long as we have had it and the Rainbow! It's been 10 years that e have since we built the beach house wand we have owned the lease since 1996. That is 14 years God has given us at the beach. I love the beach, and If I do decide to live there again, I know that the LORD will bless it also! I love the smell of the salt air, the wind, being able to lay in my bed and hear the ocean or see the moon and stars from our large window facing the ocean. There is nothiing better than going to sleep to the sound of the ocean and the wind. The sun coming up every morning in my bedroom window was a great gift. I have prayed that the Lord will give me a feeling of comfort to come back and be happy living in the older house that I was also blessed with. I hope that I will be able to sale the house at the beach before Wilshire takes it, and have the money to fix it up.

For the last 10 years we have put most our money in the beach house and I don't want to lose it! The Devil is trying to take us down and using Wilshire Credit as a weapon to hurt our faith and give in and not trust our Lord to handle it!

If you would like to contact me and my Attorney, please send me your email and what Wilshire has done to your family and maybe we can get some help together. We should not let Wilshire take our Homes! I have repeated Wilshire's name because I don't want anyone to ever give them any business! If you already have an attorney please contact me asap! I hope that we can save our homes, we need to stop Wilshire Credit before they take others home. They can take their payments instead of refusing money that they are offered! They can help people stay in their homes if they would! If you are a investor, please check whom you have your money with and what they are doing with it. I want everyone to (pray tonight) that the Lord will give us the strength to get through all that we are going through these hard times. I know we have all heard of the Hoover days, when nobody had any money, and that's about what we are going through in some ways. God I hope that the ones that are not saved today, will remember that the Lord loves you and he died for you. It was his blood that he gave, If we would just ask to be forgiven and we will always have a God that loves you and he will never leave you no matter how hard it gets! There are a lot of heavy hearts on these messages about Wilshire, and I pray that the Lord will give us all a lighter heart!


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