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We purchased a house, two years ago, from a realtor and his wife. They owned the property for about a year, while they flipped it. I know the idea of flipping a house is to purchase the home at a good price, put some money into it and then sell it for a decent profit. Let’s just say he got his profit, we got screwed. There were no telephone jacks in the house when we did the walk-thru. He gave us the money for two jacks after much moaning and groaning. He also complained about a few minor things that we wanted done before settlement. In return, we lived in the house for 15 monthes and found out we had to replace the sewer line between the house and street. A fix that cost $6, 000. We lived in the house for 21 monthes and found out we had to replace the AC unit. A fix that cost $7, 000. Last month, our fascia board on the side of the house fell off to expose the rotton boards underneath, that fell apart in your hands. The carpet they put thoughout the house, was the cheapest they could buy. For a year, I would fill up the vaccum canister every time I vaccumed, because of the carpet fibers that would come out of it. Screw and nail holes are popping out of the drywall everywhere. And everytime it rains, for any length of time, our back yard is unusable, because it has turned into a swamp. Be very careful when buying a flipped house. I know the realtor had to be aware of some of these problems when he put the house on the market. Instead of fixing them properly or fixing them at all, he passed the buck to someone else. I guess when he used a plumber from a company called “Plumbing for Pennies”, we should have been more cautious. So if you live in the Wilmington, DE area, do not buy a flipped house from Scott Terrizzi at Weichert Realty Pike Creek branch.


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