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Williams Protection Agency, Inc / Failure to pay wages/suspect business practices

1 Aurora, CO, United States Review updated:

This company failed to pay it's guards on normal paydays, numerous times in 2007. In addition, some guard's paychecks bounced when cashed at their banks, even after this complaint was made known to the business owner. I am aware of one guard whose paycheck was returned by his bank for insufficient funds on behalf of his employer, on three consecutive paydays. Business owner fails to insure that payroll funds are sufficient to cover payroll checks, and also makes excuses to employees as to why payroll is not met. Paychecks are often distributed 3, 4, 5 or 6 days late, and then the guards rush to the bank to cash them before the money is gone. Problem was so severe in mid-2007 that the Operations Manager and 6 employees walked out on consecutive days. In addition, they had to call the police to do a standby when they attempted to collect their paychecks, because the company owner refused to pay them or release the checks. Police additionally advised the business owner that releasing employee's personal property at the office would be complied with, and stood by while employee's property was removed. Another employee had to sue in small claims court, to collect monies due him, that this employer refused to pay.
Company also is operating without a business license (illegally) in the city of Aurora, and had the corporation name administratively dissolved by the State of Colorado (failure to file annual reports). Beware of this company, and it's practices. Businesses: Use this security service with caution. Potential employees: Please think twice about about your career before becoming an employee there. You could be next!

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      2nd of Feb, 2009
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    I attest to everything that has been printed here. I am also a victim of Williams Protection Agency. I worked for him for a long time and had an extreme unenthusiastic attitude from him.

    I worked over time every week and never got paid from it. Their were times I called his cell phone asking him when the checks will be in His response was to me “Why are you calling me” does this make any sense no! One day I was getting ready for work. I left the house then made a stop at the store to buy something and the boss called and told me I don’t have to come to work.

    I said ok and asked why not? his response was “do you have a problem with that”? Again this makes no sense. The owner refused to endorse my pay raise on time “2 months late”! I repetitively asked him and even went to the next chain of command. My officer asked the owner many times and he just disregarded him and me.

    One day I talked to my superior about the raise so in return him and the owner discussed it. The owner showed up to the job site I was at and handed me my check and said “your pay raise in on the check” He told me extremely rudely that I cannot do the simple things he asks of me, but I ask for things from him.

    The owner told me I burned him and left the job site too early, he never wrote out a schedule for me and expected me to respond on time at the last notice. Again makes no sense. I am owed for a raise then he says he will remove my raise that was due 2 months ago.

    I never received a written out schedule to know when and what time I have to work. He makes things up as he goes. I recently relinquish due to the faultiness of the company and am very happy now.

    Their were many gaps in the jobs where contracts ended Due to the jobs ending without notice from the owner which is very egocentric and unprofessional I could not make my monthly bills on time.

    I received hundreds of dollars in fees due to being late and received neither compensation nor an explanation what so ever. On my last day of work I returned all of the possessions belonging to the company.

    I forgot 2 small items which a cost of 20-30$ total. The owner told me if I do not bring those small items back he will seize my check which was in the amount of $500.00 That my friends is illegitimate and against the law.

    I had his property but that’s beside the point. If he withholds my check I would have called every news agency in the State. I don’t recommend anyone working for this deceitful company. Everyone will have major issues. I don’t think he has any right operating in this state.

    Good luck if you do desire this company but expect a list of permissible battles.

    P.S: I encourage everyone who worked for this company and future employees who decide, to file a complaint against this company for any an all fraudulent claims presented bye this company. There are a lot of bad security companies around, let us the people do our part bye getting rid of them at once and prevent them from committing harm to one another. Let’s start with Williams Protection agency then move on to the other hundred security companies.

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