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I have been a buyer with and for several years now as well as other smaller auction sites. I do a lot of volume, so I buy a lot. I am an honorable businessman- I always pay, even if I made a mistake (it happens, not their fault!) or even if they make a mistake ( it evens out in the end, usually)
I just discovered and at first, I thought that I had found another reputable auction site that I could source more product from. But, even in the registration, I realized that something was just not right with this company.
Their requirements for personal information is beyond the norm. By the way, there are privacy laws for companies that states that if you collect personal information from your clients, ESPECIALLY if it is required in order to do business - that you provide a privacy policy that states how you store the information, how you protect it from fraud or hacking and destroy the information when you no longer need it. This is a legal responsibility! There is no privacy policy on their website and when I addressed this with the customer service manager, she would not acknowledge any of my concerns. Customer service at this company is beyond terrible. If you are not able to solve problems and work with a client, you should not be working in that position. If you are the manager, than either the company has no idea who they have left in charge, or you are the best of the group - which in this situation, must be a motley crew of degenerates pretending to be reputable by assuming seniority and domination upon whomever might want to do business with them, dolling out permissions to purchase as though it were grade school.
Most auction sites have live bidding, which provides a countdown on the auction and allow for an extended auction to prevent sniping. Extended bidding is very good for the seller because the auction does not end until the bidding does. Buyers sometimes pay more than they wanted initially, but it definitely works to ensure that the seller receives what is available at that time for the item.
This online auction appears to have purposely chosen to allow sniping (last second bidding) as well as provide no live viewing, only refresh status. This is very old tech compared to their registration tech, which is very current and downright scary in its detail. ( I do business in more than one country and that confused the registration and I have not been able to register my business with it, only a personal account - attempts weeks later haven't been successful and customer service says they just can't override the automated registration.- that's some hefty registration program they have)
That doesn't make sense to me since the same tech staff doing one tech job in a company are doing the other, so there should be no reason for this huge difference in ability between registration and the bidding process, except that it was intended. Why have a cutting edge registration program and a bidding process that is easily 15- 20 years old? I have read other reviews claiming that there is shill bidding occurring - if there is that would certainly explain their choice in auction bidding format.
I have been in business for many years and I do very well because I have the ability to spot a disreputable client or business. Govdeals has raised the hairs on the back of my neck. I sincerely hope that their clients and potential clients source a different auction site because I just don't feel right using this company to buy from! Afterall, we have a choice on who we will choose to give our money to - choose the good guy, there's still a lot of them out there and these guys are NOT the good guys.

Apr 15, 2016

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