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Williams Chevrolet Honda / Williams Chevrolet Honda will not refund your GAP insurance upon request

1 2600 N US Highway 31 STraverse City, MI, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: (231) 946-1111

My first experience with Williams Chevrolet/Honda/Kia was with the purchase of a Honda Odyssey on February the 14th, 2006.This is the 1st of 3 experiences which have been very disappointing to say the least when it came to handling the financial portion of the purchases. Our first and third purchase we (my husband and I) or I for the third purchased were pursuaded to purchase the GAP insurance, with the promise that it could be cancelled at any time and prorated at the that time or cancelled with a complete refund within three days of the signed contact. The 1st purchase of the Odessey, I called the next day and cancelled the insurance. Jerry Cramer stated that he would take care of that for me. The next morning Jerry Cramer called me and said that there was a mistake in the paperwork and that it need to be redone. Since my husband and myself purchased this car and I was going into Traverse City that afternoon, I said that I would pick up the new paperwork and take it home for my husband to sign and return it the next day. I noticed that the GAP insurance was still on the contract. I asked why the GAP insurance was still on the paperwork, Jerry Cramer stated that it had to remain that way because the bank already had those figures and that we could not change their paperwork but that he had already taken care of it. I have spoken to Jerry Cramer on two different occasions, our salesman, Roy(a great honest guy) and twice to someone named Carrie that Jerry transfered me to. Each time with the promise that the check was in the mail. It is now JANUARY 2, 2008 and we have had to file SMALL CLAIMS to finally get a responce. After the dealership received the paperwork from court they finally called to say that they paid the bank on the second car back in May 2007 which the bank did not recieve until June the 12th, 2007 (NOT EVEN THE COMMON COURTESY TO NOTIFY US) after waiting so long and the first purchase of the Odessey they now say that it was mailed out to us at the same time that they paid the bank for the third purchase. If they paid the bank for one why not pay the bank for the second???? And do you find it hard to believe that the volume of business that their dealership does that they would let a check go uncashed for over 6 months without trying to contact me(at the same address and phone # for the last 15 years) to see why it was not cashed????? And if I had received a check why would we be going to Small Claims Court. Claudia stated in that phone call that the dealership would be glad to reissue that check. I called and left a message on Claudia's voice mail that we would gladly except a check that is what we have been waiting for, our 495.00 + what it cost us to file paperwork with the court of $54.50. We told her that we would even forget the interest that we have had to pay for the last two years on that money. Now they even refuse to do that because we will not sign a paper before we get the check saying that we will call the court proceeding off. Their cancelled check would be their proof.

IF YOU HAVE A CHOICE YOU SHOULD NOT TRUST THIS DEALERSHIP. IF YOU DO NOT-DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THE GAP INSURANCE AND READ EVERY FINANCIAL DETAIL WITH A FINE TOOTH COMB AND GET EVERY PROMISE IN WRITING AND WITNESSED. You do not need to purchase GAP Insurance from your car dealership in fact you can purchase it through most lending institutions for a lot less money and a lot better terms and return on your money, plus you pay for it by the month with your payment, you are not paying interest on that money. And you can wait and take your time to read all of the paperwork before you sign on a dotted line.

The second purchase was a KIA for my daughter who is a single mother and on a limited income. Of course she was looking for a reliable car and a payment which she could afford. We did our homework before going to the dealership and knew what type of car that would best suit her situation and the approximate price that she should have to pay for it. Long story short everything was going well until the salesman goes to find out what the bottom line is with the sales manager. He came back with a ridiculous price and of course we say no way. The sales manager comes back with the salesman telling us you can't find a better deal than this. We tell him we already have, downstate. He said well you'll have to drive to get it. We told him that wasn't true they will deliver to our door. Then he ask well how much can you afford to pay for month and she answered him. We waited for about 30 mins. and he salesman comes back and said well it took a lot but we did it. We say how much he said well come on into the office here and we can go over that. He took us over to the financial office the equal to Jerry Cramer at Williams Honda this guy did the same job at KIA. It was him and the sales manager. They start by saying well we've worked out the numbers with your trade in and got the payments down to what you can afford. My daughters looking at the contact the payment and thinking great shes ready to put pen to paper and the number 72 in the payments box catchs my eye. I stopped her right away and said what is this. They reply 72 payments. I said 6 YEARS are you kidding. They said no that is the standard now days. I said the standard, are you kidding me???? NO WAY!!! We should have walked out right then and there. I am not sure what they thought but, the figures magically changed within a few mins. and my daughter had her car and not for payments for 6 years but, 5.


Like I said earlier......Don't trust this dealership for a second. If you have a choice.... USE IT!!!


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  • Tg
      19th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    I agree DO NOT USE THIS KIA DEALER they lie big time in their ads we are from down state their radio spot says that they will pay off your original loan up to $5000 over what you owe. The spots are funny but very deceptive . They say to see the dealer for the details we called them to make sure we understood them and the repeated the same offers pre qualified both me and my husband. So we took off went up and we greeted with great excitement I think they seen us coming lol The offer was buy one Kia get one free . We were told that, this was only on the sorento which was fine ,but what can we get for the free one? we were told that there was not alot available for the free car that it was a used car . but that they could set us up with two new cars . long story short going back and forth just like the other story at 8 pm we finally set down to sign papers Now mind you all along we asked them what the terms were for the l0ans . they told us that the had gotten us great deals. the payments were ok. When we signed 0ur papers mine was at a high interest rate but by this time they had us worn out we agreed to sign and off we went. then heres where the fun comes in we decided that one of the cars was to small didnt get the gas millage we were promised so we called and went on the net to make sure what we could do with it being so soon to turn it in but the radio said $5000 over the worth of the car and ours was within that amount . internet sales Meagan said that they would have to see the car at the dealership but just for coming up we would get a 250 walmart card . we figured that would at least make it worth the trip all the way up there . so the husband went up and tried to deal he told them from the beginning that if "THEY" would pay off his car then he would deal if not he would walk just give him the card and he would leave gave them the code that Meagan gave him. and of course they didnt want him to walk away so they said let us see what we can do . They worked their numbers and came back without even looking at his car and said that they would give him $4200 less than it was worth he told him that he had already checked out the trade in value and that he could get$ 2000 more at another dealer they said that they would go back and see what they could do long story short they just kept playing this shell game changing this # then changing this # finally after spending 8 hours of his day trying to make a deal the had him sign the papers on the deal he thought they had come to . Brought the car home and the were suppose to send someone to sign papers with me on Tuesday. when he returned home I looked at the papers and told him that he had in fact gone upside down in this deal. he was irate called them in the morning and told them that they could either fix the loan or pick up the car now they said that they could not come down and that he would have to bring the car back . he did not have any other days off so we had to drive back up after work when we arrived the salesman was gone but the sales manager was there no one spoke to us they did'nt give us back our title we are still waiting to get that back . All I can say is there has got to be some type of standard for them as far as being up front with people.

  • An
      10th of Apr, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I agree:, I traveled six hours to buy a car from Williams after being told that they would pay off my trade even if I owed more than 5000.00. I called ahead of time to get preapproved took a day off of work and drove down, when I got there they appraised my vehical only wanted to give me 7500 for it and put the remaining balance on my new loan after being told that it would not be added on payments were around 600.00 when the ad on the radio said all payments less then 200.00. I refused to pay that so they offered to make my next month payment on the car I have now try selling it on my own and and still buy a civic. I turned that offer down to because, what if I did'nt sell my car I would have to come up two car payments around 700.00 and I was'nt taking that chance. Needless to say it was a wasted trip and a waste of my time they make you promises over the phone but when you get there they change everything, it cost me 300.00 and a days work to go there and get nothing but a run around from these people . I would not deal with this company if they gave me vehical.

  • Mi
      15th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I had the same thing happen with my gap policy with them i had to threaten someone with a baseball bat before the problem was resolved and they coned us into buying a ex. warranty which the car already had now we will lose $300.00 on the warranty when we cancel it ...

  • Uk
      14th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    Very true was lied to a few times by the saleman at williams, after an hour and a half drive, 7 hours in the showroom on a satuarday. just triing to purchase 2 cars what a joke, lie after a lie the salemen really thought we were stupid or something. Never again c.j, lied to us on the phone and in our face. Funny thing is we buy new trucks for our fleet all the time. There loss

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