William Savage / SCAM ARTIST

1 8608 Lugano Rd, Baltimore, MD, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 410-365-4121

William Savage signed a neuter contract on an english bulldog puppy, I sold him back in July 2012. The contract stated that he was to get the dog neutered by 12/10/2010, and I marked the AKC papers as limited. He FRAUDULENTLY registered the dog online as full registration, and has not neutered the dog. He is a fraud and scam artist. I have since contacted AKC and had his contract faxed to them, and they have limited his registration. If anyone breeds to this dog, your puppies will not come with any type of registration, please be cautious when dealing with such scam artists. If he does this with a dog, I wonder what he does in his real estate business??? Use caution when buying anything from this man...

William Savage
William Savage

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