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On January 25th 2017 we contacted our home warranty company due to our electric not working in our master bedroom. They said they will set up arrangements to have someone come out fix the problem. On the 26th we contacted both 2-10 and the company they dispatched and we were told they had 24-48 hours to contact us. Apache stated that they had 3 business days just to contact us and set up an appointment. On the evening of the 26th around 6pm I got home went to the side of the house to take the trash out and saw smoke and heard a hissing coming from my electrical box. I immediately went inside called both 2-10 and Apache both companies were closed and there was no after hours emergency contact on either company. So I called several electricians and I found one to come out same day. He came out fixed my problem and stated that it was good that I called in when I did as this was a huge risk and a fire hazard. Keep in mind my wife and 3 kids reside in the house and we are thankful nothing serious happened. I called 2-10 first thing in the morning to notify them of the situation and that I paid out of pocket for the repairs as it was a fire hazard. The woman on the phone was very rude stating that she was not going to reimburse me as it was my decision to self pay.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Denver, CO I explained to her that the only reason why I had to hire an out source company was due to no one contacting us and servicing the issue and the fire risk. After being transferred to someone else and spending hours on the phone on Friday the 27th they gave me an email to send the invoice to. On Monday the 30th I called back to check status they said they had not received the email. So I emailed the invoice again. After sending it a total of 4 times they finally received it. The gentleman on the phone said let me review it put me on hold for a total of 30 minutes came back and said, "I'm sorry we can not refund you the full amount of $208.50, we can only refund you $52 due to that is what we have paid for the same repairs" I said that is un acceptable and that I was not happy in the first place that I had to pay the bill out of pocket and now you tell me you can only reimburse me $52 he said yes that is all I can do. This company does not belong in business. They have terrible communication skills long wait times and bad attitudes. What was I suppose to do let me electric box smoke and make noises until they decided to come out. The gentle man had no response to that answer and that he can only refund me $52 in good faith at that. I will never do business with this company ever again and I will personally make it a goal to leave a review on this company everywhere I can.

Jan 30, 2017

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