William Diehl,ReanuityLLC / Bill Diehl

1 831 Harriet Lane, IL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 847-421-7300

Mr Diehl has defrauded me out of money too.He put me in the same ponzi scheme that the rest of you fell for.I did a little background check on Bill Diehl in the CookCounty Court system and was shocked at what I have found. 23 different cases in the civil division.Now that is alot of cases against one person.When I contacted Bill Diehl, he threatened to sue me for defamation of character.So he steals from you and then he threatens you when you report him.The IDFPR is in the process of taking away his liscense, in my opinion it can not happen fast enough.There are 4 more cases under the Law selection against him.Consumer fraud for $44, 000 thats in court now.The authorities have been notified and Mr Diehls time is limited.He is a convicted FELON with a history of FRAUD.He never should have recieved a real estate license, but he lied on the application.He is a convicted FELON.Stay clear of this FRAUDSTER

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