William &Bill& AikenThis is the worst delinquent - beware of scam

This guy, William (Bill) Aiken, is a total lie.

He will have plenty stories of wealth and experience to try to mislead you.

He has NO money.

He has NO job.

He HAS enemies.

He HAS lawsuits in MANY states.

He HAS people looking after him for many SCAMS.

He operates mainly in California, Los Angeles, but also is known to operate in other states.

Many people invested with him in real estate projects only to find he didn't deliver what he offered. He has no money and works with the investors money, and lives with it.

He records properties with different names, he rents properties and profit from them. Then if a lawsuit is placed on him, you cant get the property since the tenant has no knowledge it was a scam. He gives you fake addresses. Fake references. Fake everything. This man is FAKE all over.


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