Wildcat Trucking / Lease contract broken and no pay

1 110 s orchard ct, Beckley, WV, US
Contact information:
Phone: 9545940005

I was leased on doing flatbed longhaul with this Wildcat Trucking Enterprises out of Beckley, but claims Lewisburg. Owned by David Neely and run by him and his brother Jim Neely. They recently broke our lease agreement contract without required two week notice and claimed "closing the doors". This I find out after fueling 50 gallons and the fuel was turned off on card and took 4 hours for them to pay for this while trying to nail me down on returning truck and including an immediate threat of having police show up and bank would have truck returned. Regardless of bank or their financial status on payments this does not give them the right to insult, threaten me (legally and physically), threaten to wreck my DAC report and also sue me. Then they come take the truck and tell me they are not paying me any of my money due because I did not return truck. This is 5 days after 1st notice of closing business and I wasn't paid one cent of about $13-1400 owed and told they won't. Not even sure if they closing down at all and have reason to believe they are not, although they mentioned selling their 4th truck and an ex-driver wanted job back soon before this. Do not work for these Neely brothers and they will break contract and make up stuff and screw you on pay.

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