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Wildblue Satellite Internet / Poor internet service!

1 Santa Rosa, CA, United States Review updated:

I am extremely disappointed with WildBlue satellite Internet service. There are so many things wrong with it but to name just a few: very expensive as compared with cable modem or DSL or dialup; very slow speed even though it is advertised as high-speed; even though you are paying twice as much as other services that offer unlimited bandwidth the WildBlue service limits the bandwidth you can use and if you use more than is allowed they punish you with 30-days of only 10% of their normally abysmal speed making it almost impossible to use the Internet. I am a programmer and a computer professional. I had to download quite a bit of data from Microsoft recently as part of my work. Without warning WildBlue now has put a sever limit on my Internet speed as a form a punishment. I have to say that I hate WildBlue. And I have never said that about another company. But there is something so infuriating about WildBlue’s total lack of customer support and their willingness to punish customers for weeks on end because their completely silly bandwidth limits are violated. I tried to call them several times but am told via a recorded message that the wait will be interminably long before anyone will speak with me or yesterday after a long wait a recorded message came on the line and said that I should call back in a few hours because they were to busy to take my call. Stay far away from WildBlue. Go with Hughes Net or anything else but WildBlue.

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  • We
      20th of Mar, 2008
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    Wildblue Satellite Internet - Fair access policy trouble!
    Wildblue Communications
    United States
    Phone: 540-882-4516

    We were FAPPED last fall and decided to go for the Platinum package to get more upload bandwidth. Got FAPPED again in February and connectivity virtually stopped at night. During the day was tenuous at best. Decided to revert subscription from Platinum to back to Silver so we are only paying $50 for nothing. On March 12, we sign up for $9.95 dialup with, which gives us unlimited access & no bandwidth restrictions. No FAPs on dialup. Save a total of $20 a month with both services. Save satellite speeds for surfing at night. Dialup for uploading & downloading, will also connect when its raining or snowing. Agreed, wildblue and dialup suck.

    Then last night, I called to ask why our service hadn't been restored in over 30 days since our last FAP and was told we'd been FAPPED again on March 13! I asked them how it was possible for us to violate the fair access policy when we've had no connectivity for a month and I was on dialup all day on the 13th! When I was transferred over to Wildblue technical support, he announced the FAP was no longer active. So they did see the error somewhere and it wasn't mine. Miraculously, our connectivity was restored, we were back online in no time. Then a storm blew in and we lost the satellite for the rest of the evening. Yea dialup!

    While we can't fix it we can hit them where it hurts, in their wallets. Reduce subscriptions, don't renew. I'd suggest to anyone with Wildblue or any service where there is a Fair Access Policy and try what we've done. Reduce your service to the lowest package and get a dialup for backup. Dialup is slow, but at least it connects and I will always be sure to get online. It won't be long before FIOS or Cable internet will finally reach us. When our satellite subscription expires, we won't renew.

  • Fr
      2nd of May, 2008
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    Wildblue internet service is by far worse than dial up service. Its faster than dial up, but that is the only positive thing about it. There are 3 levels of subscription, the cheapest being around 50.00. They limit your bandwidth usage so that the entry level pay plan is almost useless, as the bandwidth limit is so low that you cant use webcams, streaming video, or streaming music, or download large files, because you will over the bandwidth limit and then they will slow your speed to a level slower than dial up. When this happens, you cant access the internet at all. If I had it to do over with, Id stick with dial up until the day comes that I can get DSL.

  • Te
      25th of Nov, 2008
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    First, let me say that WildBlue is meant for customer's who have no option other than dialup. The average download speed on the basic WB package is @500 kbps versus dialup at 56 at best.

    Also, you suggest that people go to Hughes Net. Every complaint that you make about WildBlue is just as valid with Hughes Net.

    Just an opinion of an industry expert.

  • Ri
      1st of Dec, 2008
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    Agreed that WB's bandwith limit is very annoying and a basic package from WB is 500kbs has to be wrong. I'm only getting a max of 140kbs and thats on a good day. If their plan of 500kbs is true, it must be right next to the station. Now I haven't had Hughes Net and I probably won't but I can say that not every ISP is good and they all have limits and restrictions. If there was only a good, fast, reliable ISP out there. shows a reasonable example

  • Ch
      16th of Feb, 2009
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    I have had the highest priced $80.00 package from Wildblue for nearly a year now. You have a two year contract with them. I am supposed to be getting a speed of 1.5Mps but the best I ever got was 192Kbs. Quite a difference for the money I am paying. I went over on my downloads by 9% last month and I might as well have no service at all. I was dropped to 128Kbs and cannot ever get my email. I have gotten through to customer service only to be told each time that I am penalized for 30 days because they have a thirty day rollover plan and that my usage would not go back to below usage quota until that 30 days are up. This really sucks as I live in the country and I have no other service available other than slow dialup. I read that Hughes Net only penalizes you for 24 hours. After my contract is up I may switch. I had to buy my equipment from Wilblue and am not sure if they will buy it back. I say Wildblue should be held accountable in some way for the way they treat their own customers.

  • No
      2nd of Sep, 2009
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    How did you access their satelite long enough to violate anything. I have Wildblue through Dish and it it awful, God awful. We had it for a couple of months about 2 years or so ago and had it taken out. Two years later they said they have made a lot of improvements. Dummy here tried it again. It is terrible.

    I just tried to use it to view a video on how to put something together. The video is a 2 minute and some few seconds long. Thei satelite won't stay connected over a minute and 37 seconds. Once it stops it will not pick back up. You must start over.

  • No
      2nd of Sep, 2009
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    I forgot to mention earlier that I have not to this day been able to use the satelite to download my socalled email account./ I have to use dialup to do that.

    Anyone that gets wildblue needs a lobotomy.

  • Ha
      13th of Jan, 2010
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    My family has had Wild Blue for 6 months and as the 21-year old daughter in the family that lives out of town, I uploaded a bunch of stuff over my Christmas break when I was home. No one in my family even knew about this FAP/data restriction until we received the e-mail that said something about it. And even before we/I maxed out our data usage, it was painfully slow. Uploads that take me 6 minutes at school had to be split up into 5 separate uploads that took 30 to 45 minutes each. And if the connection was reset or lost at all during the uploads, the uploads failed. Now, my parents can't access e-mail, etc for another 20+ days until we get below 70% and 30 days are up. My parents claim there is no other provider for where we live. I've heard about Hughes Net and I'll take 24 hours over 30 days, but are there any other options for those of us on Dish Network? Televisionguy, do you have any suggestions?
    Also, I've heard that Time Warner and such have tried to do this as well but found themselves with a lot of law suits.

  • Da
      16th of Feb, 2010
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    iv'e only had wildblue service for 2 months now, as soon as my contract runs out, i will cancel their service. i would advise anyone thinking about getting thier service, not too, it's not no faster then dial-up, it's very poor service. can't wait too get rid of them !!!

  • Ic
      14th of Apr, 2010
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    I've been a customer of Wildblue when they first started. I had come from Direcway (now Hughes net) and was pleased the first year until they started to load up the customers. To accommodate more customers they started to throttle the bandwidth. I am on their top tier and I am suppose to get 1.5Mb down. I use to measure my speed and early in the day or late at night I can get this speed but during mid day I get half so I know Wildblue has over subscribed. I would take issue with those who say that it is not any faster than dial up. The best you can get with a phone line is 56Kps and most phone lines run at much slower speed. If you are on Wildblue's 1st tier you should get 512Kbps down and even if this is cut in half or one fourth it still is going to run faster. What most people are experiencing is the longer ping times you get with satellite. So for a very short bursty transaction the phone line will be faster but try downloading something big like a patch. At the end of the day Wildblue is not a choice but a last resort.

  • Du
      30th of Apr, 2010
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    i have been a wildblue costermer and i hate it. i download at least 3 GB of data a day. and they have a LIMET! no no no no no! i cant stand it it is soooo stupid that they have that! and they have that limet just because they are satilight and not cable! i am never going to them agan, and no one should untill they get rid of that dam limet. i wish there was a hack to get around that limet bull ###!

  • Ra
      12th of Jun, 2010
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    I wish i could even get a piece of the service you are all talking about, on a really really good day i get around 65kbps, but on average i get like 30kbps. I's been that way since the day i got it, and they want to charge me $100 to come look at it, because i purchased the equipment new from them, there was only a 30 day warranty on equipment and install, and they just kept telling me there was nothing wrong with the system till i was out of the 30 day warranty. I did find that the bolts holding the dish were all loose, and you have to have a special tool to align the dish. Not to mention that I loose sevice multiple times a day for hours on end. They couldn't be nice enough to give you a program like dish network does for their dish. I would never recomend this company to anyoune!!! The useage threshold is lame too, but my connection is so slow i can't even use it all. And the customer service is some of the worst I've ever experianced!!!

  • Dj
      27th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    I must say That I am the biggest fool of all. I have had Wildblue for five years now. Our only other option was dial up. and felt handcuffed. I was FAPed when I upgraded my computers after a re install of my windows software. Now I was FAPed for Video skyping my Son who is Kuwait. I now find there are other satellite providers who give you free bandwidth during early morning hours. This may seem inconvenient but it is at least shows some support for the customer. I am now a proud DSL user with unlimited access with what seems three times more evident speed than my $80.00 bill with Wildblue. I feel I have been cheated by Wildblue. Why did I pay so much more for something that was not what I was getting all this time. I could not in clear conscience recommend them to anyone.

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