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Wildblue Internet / Wildblue Complaints

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I am a Wildblue installer. I has installed hundreds of Wildblue systems.
I have only had a few unsatisfied customers. They are the ones that know NOTHING about computers. The other ones that complain are trying to run 3, 4, or 5 computers on a 500bps service. Some are running two and three Virus programs. You only need one, no matter what your Tech son or daughter tells you. Get ride of NORTON Virus program. Why do you think it came Free in your computer ? No one would buy it if it wasn't Free for the first 60 days. I call Norton a Virus ! Use the Free FSecure virus program that WildBlue gives you. It works and has anti spywear porgrams built in.
Some of my customers computers are so full of Spywear and Viruses that I am shocked that they work at all.
Some people don't even know what the word defrag means. Clean up your computer once in a while.You computer will run faster. Also, do you need 20, 000 pictures of your grandkids on your computer ? Put them on a CD.
The worst problem that I find is, Google tool bar, Google Desktop, Yahoo tool bar. All the Free stuff you are offered on the internet. This stuff is all SPYWEAR. Get it off your computer!! STOP downloading stuff that you think is FREE. That stuff tracks every move you make on the internet and SLOWS down your connection. Nothing is FREE !
I have read some of the complaints posted on here. Some are just out right lies. First. All Wildblue Techs are here in the US.
NOT in India. They speak English! Wildblue does NOT install any software in your Computer.
Wildblue has a Download limit. It is 7, 500 MB over a rolling 30 days. That is for the Value plan. 7, 500 MB is a lot. You could watch 50 seven min. videos on youtube everyday for a month. Just don't download them.
Hughes Net is 2, 500 a month so Wildblue is three times as much. The higher the plan the More Download you get. You can't run 6 Ebay sites on the Value Plan. Spend the money and get a higher plan. Wildblue has Commecial Plains. People just don't want to pay for it !
Wildblue only installs the system on ONE computer. If you want to add more, then don't blame Wildblue because your trying to run 3 computers on the Value Plan. You expect to run 3 computers for $49.95 a month? Spend the extra money. If you had dial-up for $20.00 a month you couldn't run 3 computers on it.
I had one customer that downloaded the whole season of the Sopranos and wonder why his internet was slowed down. Go RENT it for 6 bucks !
Most of the complaints on here are from people that complain about everything. Take a computer course ! The old expression is, You bought a Volkswagen and expect a Cadillac !

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  • Mr
      18th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    Your an idiot who can't spell, never mind trying to lecture people on how to secure there computers. This is a complaint board isn't it, not somewhere to reason your incompetence .

    You could watch 50 seven min. videos on youtube everyday for a month. Just don't download them.{/bllx]

    What do you think happens when they watch them?? Not magically download them at all? Sorry streaming doesn't download at all does it ###?

  • He
      10th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    Wildblue DOES load software on your computer...what the hell do you call the Wildblue Optimizer?

  • Jo
      13th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    For a so called tech you really should not be posting your ignorance of computers or your own wild blue crap on the internet. Wild Blue totally sux here. It works okay normally but from 11:00 am Central Time to ~6:00 PM it is really bad. Their tech support is totally useless except to tell you that weather is the problem or to reset their junk. I have worn out 3 switch boxes that were set up just for their trash because of having to reset it so much. If you enjoy waiting on hold for 3 hours at a time, by all means, sign up for this crap. You'll waste a lot of time there. All tech support can tell me after all this is that they want to send a service tech here at a cost of $95.00 minimum per trip. If not for tearing up my roof, I would have taken a baseball bat to their trash long ago. Now if you would care to tell my why the second light is off 90 % of the time here from 11AM to 6PM only, I'd love to hear about it. Also, in my agreement with this crappy service, it clearly states that we are required to supply our own Antivirus program. Also, the tech who installed your crap here is the one who set up the wireless network at the very same time. Now you'd have us believe Wild Blue doesn't authorize this. Maybe you just need to review your Wild Blue 2 second 'class notes' or were you sleeping through that part. If you can explain what any of the baloney you've mentioned has to do with the second light blinking at certain times or having to wait on hold for 3 or more hours for your so called tech support to blame your crappy system's problems on weather or modem needs to be reset again or 'we'd love to send another service to you at $95.00 per trip' scam, I'd just love to hear it. If not, for a so called tech, you may want to consider returning to McDonald's to flip burgers.

  • Op
      28th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    Wow, for a so called "Tech" you sure don't have a very good grasp of the English language. Before giving someone a "lesson", learn to spell. Do you actually think anyone is going to take your biased garbage to heart?

  • Fi
      18th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    My husband is a 30 year IT Manager at a fortune 500 company so don't say the customers don't know anything about computers!! I'm sure he knows way more than you do or the whole "tech" team at Wild Blue combined. We have had horrible service from Wild Blue...they also lie about the bandwidth usage to force people into the higher paying plans. Our download speeds have been bad and getting worse, then just recently, Wild Blue suddenly shows an unexplained spike in the upload that bumped us over the FAP even though, interestingly enough we were not even home during the days they claim it spiked. We got Verizon Wi-Fi until we can get hooked up to the local wireless broadband service and this really shows the fraud one two fronts. First...the speed through Verizon's Wi Fi is about 100 times faster than Wild Blue was giving us. Secondly, and more glaring, is the bandwidth usage. We are using the internet in the same way we were with Wild Blue...when I check the usage on Verizon (we have a 5000 limit for up and down) it shows us using a FRACTION of what Wild Blue claimed we used. I can't believe I allowed Wild Blue to dube me out of so much money for so long with their fraud...the wireless broadband we are getting is used by many neighbors and friends and they are completely satisfied with it and there is no limit on usage...wish I would have been smart enough to realize all this sooner and save a bundle of money.

  • Ma
      18th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    I want to add to this board about horrible and false claims of excess bandwidth use from Wild Blue. I'm on their PRO package, which is the highest one they offer because they said we had exceeded our bandwidth usage. That was a totally false claim. ]

    My wife and I are semi-retired, run a small farm, and only spend an our or less per day online. We have never downloaded a youtube or any other video, we don't share files, we don't download movies, nothing. Yet somehow checking email(no attachments) and looking at the weather forecast has taken us over 14 GB per month.

    I've checked my computer repeatedly for viruses and there are none. I've started unplugging the wild blue modem for up to 23 1/2 hours per day, but my bandwidth usage according to them is at 92% and rising. We recently went to Seattle for three days, and when we returned after having the entire system powered down for three days, our bandwidth total hadn't decreased but by 1%.

    Even if it had been at 100% when we left, after three days it should have been down to 90%, based on 3.3% per day. Wild Blue is committing fraud. Perhaps we should all get together and file a class-action lawsuit against them for fraud. I'll be writing an official request for prosecution to my State Attorney General, and will be printing out several of the preceding letters to attach to the letter.

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